Copy Cat Q at Blackbeard

Copy Cat Q at Blackbeard

Workout Date:





Skimmer, Say What?, Papa Smurf (respect), Cheesy Biscuit, Varsity, Franklin, Dabo, Sunshine (QIC)

The Thang:

Condition: clear and cold. 34 degrees. Cold enough to have a thin frost on the ground.

Weeks ago while at the F3 Christmas party I made the rounds filling the Q sheet with PAX from other AO.  Feeling guilty for not posting Q at all of the AO’s, I committed myself to possible friday in MI. Now the time has come and I was dreading the long early morning drive from CF to Blackbeard, I figure that misery loves company and began EHing any ‘ol sap who would HC to clown car with me.  Skimmer was the only HIM to step up and he just gave a SC (if you a text in morning, then pick me up at CFCC).  Mind you, I somehow got confused and thought that Blackbeard convened at 5:15 so the clown car had to be wheels up by 4:40am.  The text was received and YHC was excited to have company for the track and navigator to find the correct location.

We arrived right on time, or so we thought, at 5;10 and saw Papa surf had already arrived, was tuning on the AO lights,  and was getting “ol’ bones warmed up” with some pre beatdown mosey.  we spotted him moseying off in the distance thanks to his new NOX Gear lighted safety vest.  no one else had arrived by 1 min warning and YHC began questioning his timing.  I checked the F3 app just to be sure and then regretfully had to inform Skimmer that we got out of the fartsack 15 min early, oops my bad.  We climber back in the truck to warm up and wait for the second 1 min warning.

Reflecting the night before on what kind of beatdown to bring to our southern brothers and not knowing what to expect of the terrain of the AO, I decided that the beatdown that Buffett had brought to Bombsquad on Wed would be great and it was still fresh in my mind.  The Cooper it is.

One by one all PAX began arriving including Dabo (returning for second beatdown of F3 life).  He introduced himself as Tommy and quickly I realized he was new.  I asked for his F3 name, saw his gamecocks hat and when he mumbled, Dabo, I quickly realized he despised his new name lol. I thought to myself about whether this beatdown needed to be modified and felt that he would be fine to modify if need be but if we planked at each lap he would survive.

1 min warning.

COP (Varsity comes speeding in just in time to catch back half of the COP)


1 Burpee


2 burpees

Mountain climbers 20 IC

3 burpees

Windmills 15 IC

4 burpees

LB arm circles (forward) 15 IC (F3 mission statement)

LB arm circles (reverse) 15 IC (5 Core Principles)

OH claps 15 IC

5 burpees

Thang: The Cooper: After assessing the lay of the land, YHC decided that the gravel lot was perfect length to use as a single oval lap with reps to be performed in the grassy area between the lot and the sandbox.  Instructions for the cooper were given as follows: all PAX perform 1 lap around gravel lot and upon returning to grassy area perform 10 burpees, 10 air squats, 10 merkins and plank to wait on the six.  Then repeat 1 lap followed by 9 burpees, 9 air squats, 9 merkins, plank on the six (or, for the rabbits, complete reps of BBSU, flutter kicks, etc while PAX are catching up). rinse and repeat; 8,8,8; 7,7,7…etc to 1,1,1.

Easy mosey over to the basketball court for some suicide sprint/ab work.

All PAX line up on one end of court.  On the Q’s say all PAX sprint to the first foul line drop and do 10 BBSU and sprint back to plank on the six. Then all PAX to mind court, drop and perform 20 flutter kicks (2 count) and sprint back to plank on the six.  Lastly, all PAX sprint to end of court to perform 30 LBC’s and sprint back for plank.

Rinse and repeat.

Time- Mosey back to shovel flags



Announcements: Darby Challenge as posted on slack looking for PAX to participate (10 PAX to post 565 total miles in FEB), True North approaching (non-F3), 3rd F at Waterway Palms Tuesday eve., Get to other AO’s to Q and meet other PAX.

Prayer requests: Tommy Pendergrass’ Family who passed of cancer (dear friend of Papa Smurf), passing of Cheesy’s coworker of cancer.

BOM- It was a honor to lead prayer and honor to lead these southern brothers!


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