Deja Vu

Deja Vu

Workout Date:





Peaches; Viagra (respect); Bob the Builder (F3 Crossroads); Stayin' Alive (F3 Crossroads); Freedom (Lake Norman); Flop; Sunshine; Beaker; Quaker

The Thang:

Conditions: 75 degrees, cloudy, semi-humid.

Sunshine and I clown-car’d to the TimeShare for the 1st time since its launch. Full of enthusiasm and excitement for the coming beatdown we arrived 20 minutes early. Unsure of the Official Location we scouted out the place and decided to prepare for the coming pain a few parking lots west of the AO. We chose this spot for no good reason even after mapquesting the correct address. About 10 minutes prior to start, Beaker found us and directed us to the Shovel Flag. After a bit of mumblechatter, the three of us thought we may be the only participants then the others started rollin’ in. Peaches arrived, then Viagra, Freedom, Bob the Builder, & Stayin’ Alive. Flop completed the PAX just prior to 1 minute warning.



20 Burpees OYO (#rudeawakening); 25 SSH IC; 25 TTT IC; 22 Merkins OYO; 25 Mountain Climbers IC; 25 Little Baby Arm Circles IC; 25 LBAC IC; 25 Cherry Pickers IC; 25 Overhead Press IC; 15 Monkey Humpers IC

Mosey to Pavilion in front of Tennis Courts


Each PAX Grab a Picnic Table for 11’s: 10 Incline Merikins & 1 Decline Merkins; 9 Incline Merkins & 2 Decline Merkins, etc., etc.

Indian Run around the lake to the Large Pavilion

Each PAX grab a picnic table for round 2 of 11’s: 10 Step-ups with each leg & 1 Dip; 9 Step-ups with each leg & 2 Dips; etc., etc.

Mosey to Baseball Field – count off by 4’s

Each group goes to their respective Base – Homeplate – 25 Squats IC; 1st Base – 25 Flutter Kicks IC; 2nd Base – 25 Big Boy Sit-ups IC; 3rd Base – 25 Carolina Dry Docks. Between each base we bearcrawl, crabwalk, crawlbear, and walkcrab.

Rinse & Repeat with 15 reps IC. Between bases we alternated Imperial Walkers & Tin Soldiers.

Mosey to Large Pavilion – 5’s with 4 Dips & 1 Step-ups, etc., etc.

Mosey to Pavilion near Tennis Courts – 5’s with 4 Decline Merkins & 1 Incline Merkins, etc., etc.

Indian Run to Start with 10 minutes left

Mary ’round the horn – 40 Flutter Kicks IC (Quaker); 30 Floyd Merriweathers IC (Sunshine); 20 Freaky Frogs IC (Beaker); 5,4,3 HoeDown Hurricanes IC (Flop); 15 Peter Parker & 15 Parker’s Peter IC(Freedom); 30 Star Jumps (Stayin’ Alive); 20 Hello Dolly IC (Bob the Builder); 10 Merkins OYO (Viagra); 10 Deep Slow Squats IC (Peaches)

Time was called


Announcements: Pelicans Game tonight; 70 mile team race around Lake Norman


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