Dirty Dozen for the Carpex Invasion

Dirty Dozen for the Carpex Invasion

Workout Date:



Term Paper


OneCall, Hermes, Shatter, Early Bird, High Interest, Ms. Pac-Man, Chewy, Kitten, Hot Tub, Flop, Varsity, Term Paper

The Thang:

YHC arrived early for his guest Q as he wanted to get the lay of the land. After a slow drive around the AO, I parked where cars were starting to gather. At 530 sharp, we were off for a mozy to the adjacent building at the back of the lot. 11 circled up


SSH x 15

IW x 16

Plankjacks x 15

Plank work for 10 count around the circle that was now 12 PAX. Not sure who was late

The Thang

Count off in 1s and 2s. partner with the person next to you that was a different number. While one PAX runs, the other does exercise, flapjack until you complete the reps assigned. If you finish early, LBCs until the 6 is done

150 hand release merkins

150 monkey humpers

100 burpees

150 squats

Done with partner work, it was time to build up the merkin count since an American won the PGA

circle the lot clockwise, doing increasing merkins at each lightpole. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. arriving ack to where we started

Indian run around lot back to the shovel flag

Squat ladder with pause at 5, 10 and 15.


Low slow flutter x 15

Have A Nice Day in pensive mode


New AO Riviera starting up saturday

Prayer Concerns

John and his great spirit as he deals with recent news of a super rare form of brain cancer

Young Ella and her cancer treatments

Sandberg’s girlfriend also dealing with Cancer

On a good note, one of the PAX noted that growths found in his dog look benign and all should be good.


My home base is Cary/Apex and we have a 2017 challenge that includes Q’ing at each of our AO’s as well as in another region. I had my sights set on Grand Strand as I knew I would be down here for a conference in August. It was great to have the timing work out

Big surprise to see Hermes from Carpex as the first PAX I see. Had posted with him in Charlotte last Friday and told him I was q for Bomb Squad, where I knew he periodically posted. He failed to mention he would be down here. Probably wanted to keep his fartsack option open.

Grand Strand guest Q program is special. I knew about it from my initial research into signing up with One Call, but failed to study and my effort was pretty mediocre for all 3 questions. I feel like I could nail it now, but buckled under mental pressure as well as physical fatigue. I was completely not prepared for the burpees however. What a great way to honor a fallen member.

I apologize for the missing names as well as any I got wrong and it was definitely an honor and privilege to lead a fine group of men.


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