Dirty Dozens

Dirty Dozens

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Hoe Down


Sitework, Tag Team, Grasspatch, Etch-a-Sketch, Magnum, Wonton, Mudslide, HoeDown(QIC)

The Thang:

The Conditions: As usual, Mother Nature has not turned the page on her June calendar for a consecutive fourth month. While white girls everywhere are pulling their Ugg boots out of storage and drowning their sorrows in a pumpkin spice latte…here we are swimming in our usual sea o humidity. In other words, the norm. We get two seasons here in SC that are represents on the shower faucet. Hot or Cold….not much between.

What happened today? Since it is the twelfth day of October YHC decided that everything should be counted by the dozen or at least divisible evenly by 12. No other reason needed. This workout looks so simple on paper, but if done correctly…45 minutes will blow by you.


  • ¬†Leg and back stretching (YHC was being selfish here from all his CSAUP bike training.)
  • 12 SSH IC
  • 12 LBAC
  • 12 LBAC reversed
  • 12 OH Claps
  • 12 Cherry Pickers
  • 12 OH Press

Mosey to the Big Lots Parking Lot for some Dirty Dozens.

Set 1: Dirty Dozen of Squats and Merkins OYO

  • Pax performed one squat ran down the parking lot to the far planter for 11 merkins. Run back.
  • 2 squats, run down for 10 merkins…so forth until 11 squats and 1 merkin

Set 2: Dirty Dozen of Big Boy Situps and Reverse Lunge (Count right leg only)

Set 3: Dirty Dozen of Inclined Werkin and Diamond Derkins

Mosey back to the Shovel Flag

Mary: 60 Flutter Kicks in Cadence






As usual, great work men. YHC is always looking for those new guys who are becoming #acceleratingmen. Hats off to Wonton who is putting in the effort and can be described as a #HIM. Great effort! Also, YHC is very proud of the new AO leadership being provided under Grasspatch. #theRiviera is in capable hands who is trying new things and plowing the road way out in front. Great leadership brother.

I am always honored to serve and participate. Thank you for having letting me lead today.


Always ready for a throwdown, HoeDown





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