Do we have malaria?

Do we have malaria?

Workout Date:





Peterbilt, Breach (Chapel Hill), Rice Burner, Quaker, Flop, Lombardi, Spicoli (Winston-Salem), Liquid Paper (FNG Stephen F.), Shatter, Ms. Pac-Man, Sunshine, Kitten, Valvano, High Interest, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

At 0350 it was 80 degrees.  I think it got hotter and more humid as the morning continued.

There are many of the local GrandStrand PAX once again doing the Team Spearhead Pathfinder challenge.  So, we all need some Ruck WOD’s and sometimes it’s difficult to make a workout appropriate for both ruckers and runners.  I came up with this one and hope it satisfied, and killed, everyone.

I got to the AO early to set up the coupons before the 4.0 mile pre-ruck so I didn’t have to rush around after it.  I laid out the cones around the football field and delivered all the coupons to the staging area.
There were a multitude of coupons for our using pleasure:
80lb Kettlebell
2 x 50lb Kettlebells
45lb Fancy GORUCK Sandbag (courtesy of Valvano)
2 x 35lb sandbags
4 large ~ 20lb pavers
50lb Log
These were staged for the beatdown later.

Lombardi pulled in just as I was finishing and High Interest came in next.  I said let’s see if Early Bird shows – he only SC’d, but we didn’t want to leave him behind.  (He did not).  I brought my extra ruck.  Then I said let’s see if Penelope shows.  We all got a good laugh from that one.  So, then the 3 of us cruised around for our 4.0 miles.

We got back, and Lombardi told (asked?) the M that he was staying for the WOD! #NICE
Other men came in, including Breach from Chapel Hill who we all met and Grunge had told us to look out for.  Spicoli from Winston-Salem was also there in a nice yellow shirt, that unfortunately, got awfully filthy at the post-beatdown beatdown.  Flop was ready to roll and Quaker came around greeting everyone.  Valvano was there from his new digs making the trip to hang with YHC 2 days in a row.  Sunshine too going sleeveless and looking #Cut.  YHC was extremely happy to see an FNG that I had been EH’ing along with Shatter, who picked him up to drive him to the AO!  #100%OfGuysThatGetDrivenToTheAOPost.  Rice Burner was back which was good to see.  And Peterbilt wearing a shirt that clearly isn’t F3 Approved.  #Where’sTheSleevelessLikeCheech?   Kitten and Ms. Pac-Man both arrived during the COP.  #BetterLateThanNever

1 minute warning

The DISCLAIMER was given

COP (no rucks)
SSH x 20 IC
IW x 20 IC
Tempo squats x 20 IC
Prisoner squats x 15 IC
On your 6
Flutters x 20 IC
LBC’s x 20 IC
Merkins x 15 IC

I went back and forth on whether to make this a “true” DORA with an amount of reps.  Ultimately, deciding that some PAX (certainly not any today) fudge their counts and/or form to finish more quickly, YHC decided to scratch the number and do it AMRAP style.  So, I separated the runners and ruckers (or those that needed to walk) and told the men to partner up and while 1 moved, the other would do AMRAP various exercises.
You versus You; Use good form; Don’t cheat yourself; Make yourself better
The ruckers basically divided into two groups and while one group rucked across the football field, the other did the AMRAP exercise and then flap jacked.  They were to also grab a coupon each time, and mix it up.
The runners had to run half the perimeter of the football field. Sometimes the runners also chose to grab a coupon for their run.

Here were the exercises set out to hit all body parts
1 legged Step ups
Incline Merkins
American Hammers
Prisoner Squats
Carolina Dry Docks
Plank Hold

As we were finishing up, I had the PAX circle up to Plank. Told em to stay off their knees.  Wanted to spend a minute going through the mission of F3 for the FNG and other newer guys.  Also a good time to let guys reflect on the You vs. You and how hard they pushed themselves today.  As I looked around, guys were disobeying the Q and going to their knees.  So, we all got to our knees and did 10 OH Claps IC followed by 22 Merkins OYO #22Kills


Count-O-Rama – 15, with 2 visitors and 1 FNG
Name-O-Rama – FNG is the son of Blackout. So YHC threw our Whiteout. Lombardi turned this into Liquid Paper. That got a unanimous vote!
Prayer requests upspoken
Psalm 8:3-4 – When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?

– This workout was hard! Everyone kicked butt.  The DR guys were smoking it.  The locals were cranking reps out. Nobody shied away from the 80lb KB or the log.
– On a personal note – YHC has known Liquid Paper for a few years now.  I have put the EH on him.  Shatter is his neighbor and has also put the EH on.  But he didn’t post.  Then, when his dad posted, YHC figured ok…now we got him.  But alas, still no.  Well, a few weekends ago, Liquid Paper was talking to me at church about how much Blackout was loving some F3.  So I said, well you need to come post with him!!!  He SC’d at that time.  Then talk turned to the mess behind the AO and YHC said, we would be glad to help clean it up.  We have been using the facility since January 2, 2016 and can certainly show our appreciation by cleaning up the place.  Well, yesterday, he reached out to say that a dumpster was there and if we could load all the stuff in it that would be so helpful and appreciated, and he would be there at 9AM.  My response – hmmm…yeah, that’s great.  We would be glad to help right after the beatdown at 0620ish.  AND, if YOU post I bet there would be a bunch more guys willing to stay and help!!!  Grab Blackout, come out together, get a great workout in, see what we are all about, and get the clean-up done!  Well, he showed and he saw what F3 was about!  He got a great workout, we of course ended with our COT, and then the PAX went on to clean up duty.  Even our 2 DR PAX!!  Imagine that – 2 guys on vacation come to workout AND also voluntarily stay for 30 minutes and clean up some of the nastiest stuff you have ever seen!!!  Malaria infested tarps, rotten wood, and who knows what else.  Glad I had gloves on.  You don’t get that at any gym I have ever known.  Just another amazing example of F3 Brotherhood!!!!!
– So a HUGE T-CLAPS to all the men that stayed and helped!!!!

Honor and Privilege to lead!!
Plant, Grow & Serve

– Be sure to check out our regional website.  All local information will be on that!
– There have been a few emails lately.  If you aren’t getting them, let me know so we can be sure you are in our database.
– Original logo shirt order is live – see the Region News post.  Lombardi still trying to get the Mesh Half Shirt Option
– Blue Hawaii Guest Q at Warthog Thursday
– Hulkamania and BeachBells Friday


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