Dora with a Twist

Dora with a Twist

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Vitamin D, Skidmark, Rubber, O’douls, Hojo, Rockytop, Spork, ERC, Candycane

The Thang:

AO: Bombsquad

Conditions 70 degrees and well Humidity is 100% Back.

So I have been making  a solid effort to come up with different exercises and workouts in general all while keeping a simple easy to follow format. No need for long complicated workouts as you spend more time during explanations then actually doing the exercise. I was reading a recent BB of Valvano and well plucked out an idea for my next beatdown. Some guys say why do I need to do a BB. Well living proof, I use them to bring the pain and be creative with my own workouts. So get your BB done and post them. No one asked for it to be the next New York Times Best selling novel.

1 minute warning and well three more cars pull in so I waited a minute extra so everyone could get into the COP.

Proper F3 Mission Statement and disclaimer and time to get this party moving.


15 Harry Rockets IC, 15 Tempo Squats IC, 15 IW IC, 15 The Chinook IC, 15 Grady Corn IC 10 LBAC F,R 15 SSH as I like to do these last. I like to get the body warmed up before moving into an explosive exercise.

Mosey to Cross

Informed the Pax that Dora was on tap today but with a Twist of course. Told the Pax we would not be keeping track of reps as a typical Dora workout is. No 100 reps as a team. This was my attempt to keep each man accountable for their own reps and push themselves as hard as they could. There would be no partner to push the reps back into today. We would still partner up but we would count rounds instead of reps.

1) Decline Merkins, rep count 🤷🏻‍♂️. Each man accountable. Partner 2 mosey to end of parking lot and back. 6 total rounds which is 3 rounds each.

Mosey to large parking lot

2) Hop Squats, same format, same rounds for every exercise. Mosey to other side of parking lot.

Mosey to concession

3) Sand Humpers, Same…… Mosey to end of Baseball field

Mosey to student center

4) In Plank position Left arm straight out left, right arm straight out right, left arm straight out forward, right arm straight out forward. same… mosey to Concrete sidewalk.

Mosey back to Large Parking Lot

5) Ray Lewis same…. mosey to other side of parking lot

Mosey back to cross

6) Incline Merkins, same format….. mosey to end of parking lot.

7) Dips, same format…..mosey towards shovel flag and back.

Mosey back to Shovel Flags.


Count-O-Rama 10


Announcements: Freed to bleed, Givetogive drive by F3 Foundation.


Kaylees Leukemia battle, Teachers, Students, Change which is difficult

I feel like I’m getting more comfortable leading the workouts and changing the on the fly. Seems like guys still like to knock catapult as I still hear comments about it. Catapult makes you think hard about change on the fly, understanding and caring for everyone’s injuries and keeping all that in mind while planning a workout. Making a workout harder and easier for those men who want to be part of the group but get intimidated by the daunting F3 persona of warriors in all out battle. I’m a details guy and it’s natural for me to catch the little things, reactions, comments, suggestions being made that are done in a non confrontational kind of way. It’s always an honor and I’m always learning how to be a better leader by the very guys I’m leading. Thank you men for pushing and teaching me how to be better.

F3 men should be accepted where ever they go, any AO, any region. Their will be “clicks” within the F3 Nation groups. But it’s up to the leaders of the groups to make everyone feel welcome. I definitely have guys I connect with better than other men, and I rely on them as well, but I will always make any man feel accepted when they come to my workout no matter where they are from. It’s up to each man to make the decision to be dedicated to F3 but it’s also up to the leaders make any new Pax or any Pax trying something different feel welcome. Just because a man doesn’t think like you….well that’s perfect in my mind.

Honor to lead!






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