EarlyBird returns to Q

EarlyBird returns to Q

Workout Date:





Onecall, Fergie, Hoser, Lombardi, Valvano, Bling, and Tiny Dancer

The Thang:

Conditions: Nice cool morning

YHC decided since it was my Birthday, YHC would get back to leading a workout, been way to long (over 3 years). So, I signed up on the Q sheet then deleted it twice before Valvano put it out on slack needing Qs for April so I committed at the time.

YHC pulled in at around 4:42am being early and all, waited for more Pax to show. Fergie was next then YHC started to wonder if it was going to be just the 2 of us. Nope, right around 4 till 5 about the rest of the Pax started to arrive.

Pax: OneCall,Hoser,Lombardi,Bling,Fergie,Valvano,Tiny Dancer,and YHC

1 minute warning well sort of everyone got to the field right at 5

Disclaimer was given

Ruck up, Ruck around to the other side of the track. Drop rucks off then quick Indian run around the track and back to Sand Bags. As YHC was looking around realized that the original plan would not work with 8 Pax (needed at least 9 for it to work logistically) so had to modify it to meet the number of Pax.  Instead, we just did the entire workout together as 1 unit instead of having it be groups of 3.

Circle up and warm up

20 SSH/20 TTT/15 LBAC/15 Reverse LBAC/22 Merkins

That was a rough start with the cadence but it worked out.

The Thang

Run back around track to the where the Rucks lay.

Round1      15 Merkins/20 Squats/42 Flutter Kicks. This round we used Rucks.

Then 4 Flight of Stairs with Ruck and back to where Sandbags were on the other side of track. Drop Rucks.

Round 1 with Sandbags:  partner 1 Bear Crawl Sandbag Pull while partner 2 does 15 LBCs and then catches Partner 1 and switches.  Each partner does 2 sets.

Then back to where Rucks laid and Overhead Carry Rucks back to other side of track using the short side this time.

Round 2      15 Hand Release Merkins/20 Lunges/42 Flutter Kicks

Then 3 flights of stairs with no ruck and down to where sandbags laid.

Round 2 with Sandbags: partner 1 Crawl Bear Sandbag Pull while partner 2 does 15 LBC and then catches up and switches.  2 rounds each.

Mosey back around track back to other side.

Round 3      15 Diamond Merkins/20 LBCs/42 Flutter Kicks

Then 2 flights of stairs, this is where YHC messed up by not calling rucks on for stairs. Then head back to Sandbags.

Round 3 with Sandbags.  Partner 1 Lunges with Sandbag while Partner 2 does 30 LBC and then catches partner 1.  1 round Each. Now mosey back over to other side of track.

Round 4     15 Wide Arm Merkins/20 SSH /42 Flutter Kicks

After this round we were down to 1 set of stairs and the original Plan was to Crawl Bear up, but Valvano was able to answer the question to what happened 26 years ago today. Remember the Oklahoma City bombing and there families today.  168 lives lost and another 680 plus injured. Plus the stairs were to slick per Bling, I concur.

Now we lined up for a sprint to other end of track.

Cool down lap around the track with Ruck.

Back to where we began and there was 1 minute left so YHC called for 31 Merkins in Memory of Mark Aldi.  YHC has an employee who served in the US Army under Mark in Afghanistan, 2 weeks ago Mark took his own life.  He leaves behind a wife, 2 little girls (8 & 2), and many friends.



Freed to Bleed, GrowRuck, Village relocation tomorrow to Doug Shaw

Prayer Request:

YHC Dads Best Friend suddenly passed away last week.  Name is Steve Drummond.

Remember Mark Aldi

Thanks for allowing me to lead this morning.



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