Easy Schmeasy

Easy Schmeasy

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Buffett, Varsity, Rubber, Quaker, El Red Cardo, Sticky Bumps, Sunshine, Skidmark, BoxCar

The Thang:

Doubled up the ol’ Circle Flags this morning and kicked things off with a 1 minute warning and straight to business with welcome and disclaimer. Worked through a few reminders of how this morning was to be an easy beatdown as we started with some SSH, 5 Burpees OYO, TTT, Windmills, Mountainclimbers(YHC was ready position for  IW=early morning brain fart), then the IW, LBAC front and back, closing with 10 Burpees OYO.

Jumped into an Indian Run with the 6 dropping for 10LBCs then making their way to the front. With 9 PAX, this took all the way around the AO and back home to the Circle Flags. We picked up the pace and headed for th big lot for a quick and easy Burpee Lot Shuffle down and a Jump Squat Lot shuffle back with the dreaded lunge as the shuffle.

Moseyed on over to the fence line for a cool and easy round of 11s…BBS and Carolina DD with a fence hop in the middle instead of a run. You’re starting to see the leniency I afforded the crew….right.

Quick transition to the edge of the lot for a DORA with 100s of LBCs, Prisoner Squats, and 4 count Moutianclimbers with PARTNERS…again with the easiness.

Quick 10ish count and headed over to the dark corner for some Catch me is You Can. Partnered up for 1 PAX on backwards sprints and the other on 7 LBCs. Second round consisted of backward sprints and 10 Merkins. Finally, we all dropped for 7 LBCs and 10 Merkins then sprinted the length of the backside drive and home to the Cirlce Flags again. 2 min of stretching followed by the COT with count off, NOR, naming of Sticky Bumps(formally known as Wax Off), announcements, praises and prayers, finally closing with prayer.

….just as schmeasy as it sounds!

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