ELITE Friday – Into Darkness

ELITE Friday – Into Darkness

Workout Date:





Texas Ranger, Brown Bag, Voltron (f3Lexington), ERC, Beef Steak, Box Car, Skid Kong, Weasel, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: The Village

Conditions: 64, perfect

This was it, the long awaited unveiling of ELITE Friday at the Village! A bookend to B.I.G. Monday and a way to test the mettle of the PAX who dare to post. The concept of ELITE Friday is too push the PAX a little harder,  a little faster, and a little further then a normal beatdown. The Q will be a mystery until the 1 minute warning (meaning anyone who post may be the Mystery Q). This is by design so that there is no “Q shopping” and it keeps everyone on their toes.

YHC was tapped for the 1st ELITE Friday Q over a month ago and I have been kicking around ideas ever since. YHC not only wanted to make that beatdown special but also wanted to set the tone for all ELITE Fridays to come. YHC believes that ELITE Friday needs to bigger and better but sill fit into the same 45 minutes format. The only way to go Bigger & Better within the same time frame is to go faster!

YHC began his preparations the evening before by retrieving 14 pavers from BombSquad. YHC wanted to be prepared for a huge turnout. YHC arrived at the Village around 5:05 and Followed Boxcar and an unfamiliar white truck through the Village gate. Boxcar has been excited about this beatdown for weeks and kept pestering (my word not TR’s) Texas Ranger for hints as to who was on Q. Texas’ lips were sealed though and he gave no ground.

YHC didn’t want to blow his cover as today’s Q so before exiting the truck I slip my Weinke off my forearm and put it in my pocket. Even though YHC tried to conceal his weinke, Boxcar noticed it right away. Why he was looking there I have no idea!  He asked if I was the Q. YHC tried eluding the question & deflect, but I’m pretty sure Boxcar didn’t by my coyness. He just kept staring at my weinke (#awkward).

We introduced ourselves to Voltron who was down range from F3Lexington and told him he picked the perfect day to post! He let us know that he usually posts to Black Beards Revenge (& once at Warthog before it was officially named) when in town but this was his first time at #TheVillage. You always remember your first time (#ExtraPressure)

Next to arrive was Skidmark and Brown Bag and Texas Ranger. Beef Steak aka “The Steak” then arrive. I think he came just to see if any Q can truly challenge him. This man is humble but a true Iron PAX. TR should just put “The Steak” on Q every ELITE Friday!!! ERC entered the AO at his usual time, he loves to make an entrance.

5:14 – Texas Ranger announces the Q and YHC steps to the middle of the COP . . .

5:15 – The Extended Covid 19 Disclaimer is given. . . I guess Fireman Carry to the Beach is out . . . time to modify

Lets mosey . . . I thought this would be easy, however, Boxcar wanted to know if we were leaving the AO proper because if so he need to lock his car . . . yes

After another 10 yrds Brown Bag wanted to know how long we would be gone because he left his phone on the sidewalk . . . we would be gone the entire beatdown . . . Brown Bag told us to keeping going, he would run back & grab his phone and catch up . . . so we kept on running towards the intersection of 61st Avenue and Bypass 17. At the cross walk we all circled up for a little mobile COP & to wait on the 6, however, before an exercise was called the light changed and we crossed 17. At the other side of 17 we stayed in the crosswalk (Rule 32 – “Safety First”) and crossed 61st Avenue (#No’J’Walking). Here we again circled up and YHC called out various exercise as we waited on Brown Bag to rejoin the PAX.

COP: 20 SSH IC; 20 TTT IC; 20 Tempo Squats; 13 LBAC IC; LBAC 13 In Reverse IC . . .It was at this point . . . out of the shadows emerged not just one PAX but 2!! Brown Bag found Weasel at the AO when he circled back for his phone! And we had 9 solid PAX for the inaugural ELITE Friday Beatdown!! It was the perfect number of men with the right mental toughness to squeeze every minute of pain out of the next 40 minutes.

22 Merkins IC


GAS Lamps – All PAX line up shoulder to shoulder

1-2-3 . . . ½ throttle Sprint to 2nd Lamp (approximately 50 Yrds)

1-2-3 . . . ¾  throttle Sprint to 4th Lamp (approximately 50 Yrds)

1-2-3 . . . 80% throttle Sprint to 6th  Lamp (approximately 50 Yrds)

1-2-3 . . . FULL throttle Sprint to 8th Lamp (approximately 50 Yrds)

1-2-3 . . . FULL throttle Sprint to corner of 61st Avenue & Chapin Epps Drive (approximately 50 Yrds)

Ten Count

Indian Run down Chapin Epps Drive towards the YMCA and continue into the gloom past the Barc Parc and onto Col. Bob Bell Run Path heading west towards the bridge.

At this point the PAX began to question why we left the well-lit AO to do sprints under street lamps and now we were in the pitch black. The reason why was because in this pitch black lurks one of the best beatdown terrains in the entire region with over 90 feet of elevate, a spot known very well by the Hulkamaniacs and the Ruckers . . . The International Drive Bridge a.k.a “Mt. Zebulon” a.k.a. “Mt. Zeb” Not only does Mt Zeb rise 90 towering feet into the clouds, but, some enterprising soul took the initiative to mark the bridge every 50 yrds up to 350 yrd! This is perfect increments for an ELITE BeatDown.

Line up on the starting line

Elevation Pain Stations:

1-2-3 . . . FULL throttle Sprint to 50 yrd marker . . . 5 Burpees OYO

1-2-3 . . . FULL throttle Sprint to 100 yrd marker . . . 10 Lunges

1-2-3 . . . FULL throttle Sprint to 150 yrd marker . . . 15 CDD

1-2-3 . . . FULL throttle Sprint to 200 yrd marker  . . . 20 Squats

1-2-3 . . . FULL throttle Sprint to 250 yrd marker . . . 25 Merkins IC

1-2-3 . . . FULL throttle Sprint to the 300 yrd marker . . . 30 Flutter Kicks IC

1-2-3 . . . FULL throttle Sprint to 350 yrd marker . . . 15 Monkey Humpers IC

1-2-3 . . . FULL throttle Sprint until Beef Steak (#LeadDog) decides to stop . . . 10 Count

Mosey down bridge to the start line.

1-2-3 . . . FULL throttle Sprint to 250 yrd marker (#CrowdPleaser)

Indian Run back to 61st Avenue.

GAS Lamps – All PAX line up shoulder to shoulder

1-2-3 . . . ½ throttle Sprint to 3nd Lamp (approximately 75 Yrds)

1-2-3 . . . ¾  throttle Sprint to 6th Lamp (approximately 75 Yrds)

1-2-3 . . . FULL throttle Sprint to 9th Lamp (approximately 75 Yrds)

1-2-3 . . . FULL throttle Sprint to Crosswalk (approximately 25 Yrds)

SSH IC until Crosswalk Lights up and we safely cross Bypass 17 . . . extended version because we did not press the correct button!!

On the other side we line up on Frontage Road . . .

1-2-3 . . . FULL throttle Sprint to Diamond Shaped Street Sign (approximately 60 Yrds)

Mosey back to AO

Line up on north end of parking lot

1-2-3 . . . FULL throttle Sprint around entire parking lot (Big Loop) (approximately 100 Yrds)

6:00 – Time Called

Super-Secret SWAG distributed by Texas Ranger. . .if you want to know what kind of SWAG you’ll have to post next Friday!!

Count-o-Rama = 9


Announcements: HC for next weeks installment of ELITE Friday; Get on Q sheets, Sign up for Dragonboat . . .we need your help to defend our Championship!!! Take precautions for Covid 19. . . wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough, self-quarantine if you feel sick, use common sense.

Prayers for Brown Bag’s Daughter who is returning from Sweden, Prayer for our Local, State, and Federal Leaders. Prayers for anyone infected with the virus. Praise to all the men who posted today to make ELITE Friday an overwhelming success.

Moleskin: Great push today!! It was an honor to lead. T-claps to Weasel for posting even though he suffered an ankle injury this week during Flag Football; T-claps to Brown Bag for pushing through with all the sprints even though he tweak his ankle on the uneven curb; T-Claps to Beef Steak for setting the pace; T-claps to Boxcar for noticing my Weinke; T-Claps to ERC for posting for ELITE Friday even though he really wanted to run at the Hulk (#NotDisappointed); T-claps to Voltron for seeking us out & joining  us in the Gloom; T-claps to Skidmark for pushing hard; and  Extra Special T-CLAPS to Texas Ranger for his vision, his commitment, and his generosity which made ELITE Friday a success!!!









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