Escalator Parking Deck of Insanity

Escalator Parking Deck of Insanity

Workout Date:





Enron, Viagra, Chicken Little, Weasel,

The Thang:

Weather: balmy 32 deg

Conditions: Clear & Calm stars bright

Last night as i paced the house in contemplation to the work that needed to be done I thought of a couple PAX I should EH for a kotter reunion, so I called Honey Don’t, He’s good but didn’t show, always good to catch up none the less!

The plan began to fall in to place as you know 45 min doesn’t leave much time to inflict much pain or does it??

SO here it goes….

Warm it up:
20 each

Over to the blocks to warm them up a bit….
20 each
Overhead press
Tricep extension

Mosey to parking deck solid pace…

Ocean Bay condo Parking deck escalator of insanity …but not really insane just sounded good.
6 Floors work to be done on each floor
Run up each ramp backwards
1st floor – 10 wide arm merkins
2nd floor – 20 squats
3rd floor – 30 Big Boi’s
4th floor – 40 Mountain climbers
5th floor – 50 LBC’s
6th floor – 60 flutter kicks
5 burpees OYO
Run backwards back down
What went up must go down

Mosey back to AO

Block work
Each pax with a block
20 each
Overhead press
Tricep extensions
Every other parking lot line = 5 lines total
Thruster with block W/pushup on block = Man makers

Each line lunging in between lines after

Return to start the same way back

Round of Mary Pax choice across parking lot
Enron – Frankenstein down & lunge back
Viagra – High knees & Bear crawl back
Chicken little – Karaoke down & back


Christmas sweater convergence at Bombsquad 12/19 – 0700
Freed to bleed December 30th GET SIGNED UP!
F3 Fostering hope go fund me link to give for bikes
GrowRuck Training active now with groups in South waverucker & Elevate Monday Bling & valvano for update on training – Idea to begin on North Ruck & Bike
Bombsquad 5 year celebration coming up see slack

Prayers for YHC wife & son been on the puny side this week
Continued Prayers for Headgears family & daughter with praise for progress

Prayed out thankful for all the pax and for pushing each other daily
Thoughts of the Christmas season remembering that Christ came to earth to sacrifice himself so we may have an abundant life in him and hope that lies ahead of eternal life with Him.

Stay strong Pax … Reach out if you ever need a fellow pax to come along side you in any way!

Honor to lead

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