Escalators Kick A$$

Escalators Kick A$$

Workout Date:





Rubber, Rousey, High Interest, Vit D, Podcast, Peach, Goofy Foot, Skidmark, Cheesesteak, Goldberg, Beefsteak, Fly Over, El Red Cardo, War Eagle, Snips, Chaffed (FNG Nico)

The Thang:

Conditions: HOT and Muggy.  YHC showed up on time and several Pax were eagerly awaiting a great beatdown.  Many more began to arrive and I knew we were gonna have a good time.  YHC knew he was gonna loose some PAX to Rousey’s competitive Judo beatdown, but we had lots of PAX for the escalator ride.  Rubber let me know that he would be leaving 30 min early d/t golf obligations so YHC quick reordered the beatdown to ensure he got his money’s worth.

22 Merkins OYO
1 burpee
2 burpees
3 burpees
Mountain Climber 20 IC
4 burpees
Windmill 20 IC
5 burpees
Little Baby Arm Circles 15 IC
Reverse 15 IC
Over Head Claps 15 IC

Mosey to big parking lot

4 corners- up escalator- corner 1: 10 burpees; corner 2 : 10, 20 merkins; corner 3: 10,20, 30 squats; corner 4: 10,20,20,40 flutter kicks (2 ct).
Plank to wait on the 6
Repeat down escalator:

Modified Burpee Mile: 10 burpees followed by 1/3mile; repeat 3 times

In the middle of the Mile a motorcycle had pulled up in the big parking lot at the designated burpee  spot and YHC asked Goldberg to put the flying EH on the unsuspecting young biker.  The biker, forever to be known as Chaffed because he joined in the beatdown wearing khaki cargos (not conducive to humid beatdown), obliged!

Mosey to bleachers

11’s dips/step-ups (each leg)

Mosey to rear parking lot

Red Barchetta: modified to- sprint 10 yds, 10 burpees, sprint back and plank on 6; sprint 25 yds, 25 merkins, sprint back and plank on 6; sprint 50 yds, 50 SSH, sprint back and plank on 6; sprint all way back to shovel flag.

Flutter Kicks 30 IC
Plank 1 min


Announcements: buy a burpee to benefit Pert Plus adoption

Prayer Requests: Jonathan Roberts recovery from Cancer.

Prayer by YHC followed by coffeeteria with 10 PAX at early risers

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