Extra Credit Pre-Run in the Gloom

Extra Credit Pre-Run in the Gloom

Workout Date:





Kitten, Crankbait

The Thang:

YHC arrived at the Hulk parking lot a few minutes early, just in time to meet up with Kitten for an extra credit pre-run.  Boxcar was on Q, so we knew a proper warmup was in order.  At 0510, we started off toward the AO.  I did my best to keep up with Kitten, who has been putting in solid miles before and after essentially every #Village beatdown.  We knocked out 1.7 miles in about 15 minutes and arrived at the AO just as the remaining Pax were getting stretched out.


Boxcar subsequently delivered a beatdown worthy of his reputation.


Kitten and YHC returned to the Hulk, retracing our steps to another 1.7 miles.  Extra credit complete.  3.4 miles and 30 minutes in total.

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