Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the Tiger

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Bling, Billboard, Geno, Handrail, Mr. Jingles (Respect), OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Hot and humid

Normally, we allow Wolverine to destroy us at #Beachbells as he is AOQ and has a plethora of ideas each Friday.  But when he is out, he usually lets us know, and YHC or Mudslide (when he used to post with us) or Rousey will take it.  I always have a plan depending on who’s present.  This morning, unbeknownest to any of us, Wolverine was not there.  So I guess I would Q.  Billboard, Bling and Mr. Jingles had a nice pre-ruck/stroll.   And then we had Handrail attending his FIRST #BeachBells workout and Mr. Jingles only his 2nd (the first over a year ago)!  So I wanted to keep things basic and work the mass muscle groups since 2 of our 6 were basically rookies.  Geno is kinda a rookie almost every day too.  So that was half the group.  Then Bling complained non-stop about his “hammies”.  This was very reminiscent of Geno’s incessant bursitis complaints.  So that was 4 rookies.  Billboard.  Well, he is the exact opposite of a rookie.  Massive.  Strong as a bull.  And now ticked at himself for being pathetic after watching this video, so he wants to work harder…which he did by wearing his weight vest throughout this beatdown!!!  #Beast

We lined things up as usual in weight order.

100 lb KB
2 x 80 lb KB
70 lb KB
60 lb KB
2 x 50 lb KB
2 x 40 lb KB
2 x 30 lb KB
2 x 20 lb KB


The idea was the same throughout.  A body part was chosen and exercises were announced.  If things got too heavy, switch as instructed.

1. Swings.  10 each arm, each weight.  Move it up the row.  Use good form.  Stretch and push.  Go to 2 arms when needed.  A lot of swings.

2. Chest.  Abyss merkins on some; merkin/row combo on some; diamond merkins on the heavier ones.   60 total.
YHC then had everyone circle up around 3 bells for dynamic merkins.  3 men planked while 3 started with left hand on KB; merkin; push up and over the KB to land on it with your right hand; merkin; back and forth.  10 total.  Then a quick breather and flapjack.
While we were here, I had the PAX pair up and with 2 40’s and a 50, have the pairs lock ankles #BestFriendDay, and do BBSU’s with the KB being brought overhead, touch the ground, bring it up and hand it off, partner do the same – 10 reps each

3. Back.  Good mornings.  Rows.  1 arm deadlifts.  2 arm deadlifts.  Use every weight.

4. Legs.  Lunges with KB overhead.  Goblet Squats.  Calf Raises.  Full Squats.  Use every weight.

5. Jumped in some Flutters 10 IC while pressing a KB

6. Arms.  Alternate tri and bi exercises.  Curls – isolation, out, in, hammer, cross, negatives.  Tri kickbacks, extensions, skull crushers, diamond merkins
With 3 minutes left, Bling put on “Eye of the Tiger”  So it was 1 minute max crank out a bi exercise.  1 minute max crank out a tri exercise.  1 minute plank; paying special attention to engaging the core.  We did regular plank.  Figure tip plank.  Knuckle plank.


Count-O-Rama – 6
Prayer requests for Jill; Super Dave’s son; Pert Plus adoption; Saved By the Bell’s daughter and many many unspoken

– This was a brutal workout.  A lot of hard work and fun mumblechatter!!  Awesome men getting huge!

HUGE 3 year anniversary convergence TOMORROW!!!!!!!   0700 at #Warthog – Papa Smurf on Q!!!  DO NOT MISS
– If you wanna come at 0600, Rousey is soft launching #JudeeChop
– 2.0 Q needed for the season!  Let us know!!  We have a few thinking about it but they kinda want a co-Q.
– Local CSAUP and Beach Day on Saturday the 16th!!


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