F3 Blackbeard BB – Treadmill

F3 Blackbeard BB – Treadmill

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Treadmill (Guest Q)


OneCall, Wolverine, Heisenberg(R), Papa Smurf(R), Curfew, Pluff Mud(R), Barcode, Cheesy Biscuit, Cootman(R), Birthday Boy, Mater, High Interest, Low Tide, Faulkner (fng), Bidet, Spinal Tap, Red Baron, Esau, Treadmill

The Thang:

Last year YHC Qed Warthog and decided at that point to try and make it an annual tradition.  The news of a F3 Grandstrand patch for guest Qs made that decision even sweeter.  After finding the Warthog Q sheet booked, YHC decided to lead the great men of Blackbeard’s Revenge. It’s always a great time visiting YHC’s coastal brothers and today was no different.  Saw some familiar faces, met some new ones, had an FNG (welcome Faulkner) and was even honored to get a visit from the local nantan himself, One Call.  Work was done, sweat was poured, and everyone got better.  This is how it went down…

The Thang

Disclaimer and Prayer

Mosey to the outfield and circle up for COP

  • SSH x20 IC
  • Thru the Tunnel x15 IC
  • LBACs fwd x15 IC (keep arms at 90)
  • OH claps x15 IC (keep arms at 90)
  • Dirty Birds x15 IC (keep arms at 90)
  • LBACs bckwd x15 IC (keep arms at 90)
  • Squats x15 IC with arms at 90-recover
  • Carolina Dry Docks x10 IC
  • SloMo Merkins x 10 IC

Mosey to blacktop and count off by 2’s

1s and 2s in opposite corners

  • Bear crawl the long side
  • 15 squats and plank for the six
  • Prisoner lunge short side
  • 15 merkins plank for the six

Mosey to the open grassy area for the Bearmuda Triangle (see Exicon)

Mosey to building

  • People’s chair – drop 6 inches- recover
  • Balls to the wall – recover
  • Rinse and repeat

Mosey back to SF for Mary

  • LBCs x20 IC
  • Heel touches x20 IC
  • Freddy Mercury x20 IC
  • Heels to Heaven x15 OYO
  • Boat-Canoe


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