Flexibility Training

Flexibility Training

Workout Date:



Rousey (VQ)


One-Call, Wolverine, Mudslide, Bling, Geno, Penelope, FEMA (visiting PAX - F3 Charleston)

The Thang:

8 properly pumped PAX worked on their flexibility training by flexing their muscles throwing around lead balls with non girly-man handles… cousin Ahhnald would have been proud!

Warm Up: 1 set 8 reps. ea. swinging each kettle bell (2 30 lbs, 2 40 lbs, 2 50 lbs, and 1 80 lbs) one arm or two.  The unseasonably mild weather provided an excuse to peel of sweatshirts down to tanks and tees (with one going completely shirtless).  Flexibility training full steam ahead!

Set 1: AMRAP 1 minute of a prescribed KB exercise below (with a 20 second recovery then shift).

20 lb KB: Turkish get up;  20 lb KB: Goblet squat or hold Al Gore; 30 lb KB: curl; 30 lb KB: curl; 40 lb KB: swing; 40 lb KB: swing; 50 lb KB: rows; 50 lb KB: rows; 80 lb KB: swing, shrug or farmer’s carry.  70lb bucket carry.

Set 2: Same exercises for 20 lb KBs, 80 lb KB and bucket carry; but swap to “man makers” (burpee plus clean & press with KB) with the 30 lb KBs (10 reps), 40 lb KBs (8 reps), and 50 lb KBs (6 reps).

Set 3: Tabata Merkins.  QIC’s arms began failing causing momentary disgrace, but then saw other PAX struggle and their pumpitude waning.


COR, NOR, and announcements.  Beach Bells and Southern Bells are having a convergence on 1/5 at BombSquad AO site.  Witness the shear pumpitudiness of massive muscle flexing in the gloom!  All are welcome no matter the skill level, tats/no tats, Schwarzennegarian, puny or flabberous muscles.

FEMA… thanks for partaking in the testosterone and outlandish musings.

YHC prayed us out.  4 at Coffeteria. Honor to VQ…load of funs today…until next year!  Aye!


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