Fluttervator Flutter kicks + elevator minus the elevator part Timeshare (10/5/17)

Fluttervator Flutter kicks + elevator minus the elevator part Timeshare (10/5/17)

Workout Date:





Cubbie, Viagra, Burgundy, Beaker

The Thang:

Mental Vomit version. Too much spreadsheeting  at work this week.



SSH, TTT, LBAC fwd, rev. Big LBAC fwd and reverse 25,25,10,10,6,6 IC respectively.

Mosey to ocean and Main parking lot and retaining wall

Wheel of Merkins:

10X (2ct) of

decline, staggered L, staggered R, Incline

Mosey N to parking garage.

run stairs to level 6 (i.e. press the 6th floor button on the F3 elevator)

60 flutter kicks (all 2ct)

down to street for 10 burpees

up stairs 50 Flutters on 5th level

down to street with PAX choice of 20X exerecise

rinse and repeat ladder sequence, new pax new choice on the street each time down to 10 Flutters on level 1

after 60 OH claps to finish, 30 flutters

mosey back to ocean and main. Wheel of merkin same as before but do one hand, one foot on wall instead of staggered merkins.

mosey back to AO startex

100 flutters

15 slow mo squats.

smurf jacks – canceled at 10 for knees

Rocky Balboa for 60sec.




Starting 3rd F Sat at 6:00am need HIM to step up to lead.

Halloween convergence 28th TBD (now Warthog?)

TheVillage Nov 7th.

YHC prayed us out.


The PAX choice today was to get PAX to think on their feet about how to call an exercise under O2 deprivation as Q.  May need to modifiy your 60 burpee weinke if eveeryone is gassed.  So what are you going to do 60 of off the top of your head?

We need to EH the running yoga ladies husbands/sons/etc. This is week2 they have been around at 5:30ish at the beachfront.  Need cards to hand out for next thursday!






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