FNG and fartsacking

FNG and fartsacking

Workout Date:





Kitten and Spygate (Brandon, FNG)

The Thang:

Other than the smokers in the gazebo, things were pretty quiet when I arrived at the Pit Stop around 7:15. I saw a few PAX from the shelter, but they said they had things to do/injuries/work and wouldn’t be there. I talked with a few potential FNGs and one if them, Brandon, said he’d like to try F3 out. Once he came back outside with shoes, we got started with the disclaimer and A LOT of talk about the mission and components of F3. Our one-on-one workout consisted of the following:

20 Ss ic

20 Ttt ic

20 Windmills ic

20 Iw ic

20 Hillbillies ic

20 Tempo squats ic

20 Arm circles ic (forward and reverse)

20 Overhead press ic

20 Cherry pickers ic

20 Mc ic

20 Plank jacks ic

22 merkins oyo in memory of veterans who commit suicide daily

20 Lbcs ic

20 Flutter kicks ic

20 Freddy mercuries ic

20 American hammers ic

20 Calf raises ic

Jack Webb’s

10 Lunges too each leg

20 Dips ic

20 Step-ups ic

10 Merkins oyo

At 8:15, time was called.

To help with naming our FNG, I asked him some things about himself. He’s been at the shelter for 3 weeks and heard me talk about F3 at their community meeting this past Thursday morning. He’s a Patriots fan, hence the name Spygate. Hopes to come back out again next week and maybe even post to some other AOs and Bible studies pending transportation.

Prayers: Spygate’s mom is dealing with some health and financial issues. Prayers for all the guys who were missing this morning. You were missed!

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