Forfeit Corners…

Forfeit Corners…

Workout Date:





Goldberg, Bluegrass, Peach, RunOff, Barney, SuperDave, BigWheelz, Sitework, Stuffed Crust, Mudslide. Sunshine, Grass Patch, Etch a Sketch, Switchfoot, Pert Plus,

The Thang:

445AM… YHC rolls into a dark downtown Conway to drop off coupon on Elm Street.

450AM… I make my way to the AO and pass what looks to be three slow cheetahs… nope… just Etch, Bluegrass and Peach, out for a PreRun. Great work guys.

505AM… the PAX begin rolling in, and man did they show up today! Even Sunshine from #bombsquad, and Etch a Sketch, GrassPatch, and RunOff… a few #Riviera regulars. I was HYPED! 15 in total I believe.

514AM… One minute warning

Playlist… CCR, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bachman Turner Overdrive, George Thouroghgood, Foghat etc…

515AM… Welcome and disclaimer given.

YHC reminds everyone, kids are born prematurely every day with mental and physical disabilities. Some may never have the opportunity to do what we do at 515AM every morning. Dont take it for granted.

First Exercise… 50 Turbo SSH IC

Next, Mosey to the Riverwalk

Four Corners, or as Peach called them… Forfeit Corners. Hahaha

10 burpees, run 20 yards

10 burpees, 20 merkins, run 20 yards

10 burpees, 20 merkins, 30 squats, run 20 yards

10 burpees, 20 meekins, 30 squats, 40 flutter kicks.


Mosey down the riverwalk and across the railroad tracks to church parking lot.

Plank, shoulder to shoulder and last man bear crawls to front over and over again until we’ve went back and forth across the parking lot.


Mosey 5 blocks to “the hill” by Palmetto Chevy.

Devin Hesters…

One Pax gets a head start while running uphill carrying the 25lb weight. The other 14 try to catch him before he reaches the summit. This went great for about 3 mins. Most of the guys were BEAT! So I modified it.

We tunnel of loved back one block to the red light. (Bear Crawled) thru the tunnel of pax holding each others arms up.


Mosey 4 blocks back to the watertower.

Circle up for Mary.

Barney, Peach, Bluegrass and Sunshine all led an exercise and then we called time.

Great having Sunshine over in Conway.

Congrats to Peach and Bluegrass on reaching the Iron Flag this AM!

Prayers for many…

Announcements… Buy a Burpee for Pert Plus and Family.

YHC prayed us out and thanked all for allowing me to Q.

Until next time… Stay Ultimate guys!

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