Four Corners and Mount Myrtle

Four Corners and Mount Myrtle

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Turn and Cough


Wolverine, Flash, Hoser, Turn and Cough

The Thang:

The Thang:

Four brothers were present on this balmy morning in what felt like down right tropical conditions (considering weather of late) at Warthog this am.

We started with the Welcome, Disclaimer, and a Prayer.

Warm up began with a 1 lap mosey around the track.

COP began next with stretching, Side straddle hops, Through the tunnel, Arm circles, Merkins, Imperial walkers, and a few more.

Next we moved to Mount myrtle for some laughs.

Four sheets with 3 exercises. each were placed earlier for viewing pleasure around the mountain. Pax moved from sheet to sheet completing 20 reps of each exercise as written. In between each exercise we climbed the mountain and completed 10 burpees. Exercises included such things as merkins, squats, donkey kicks, air press, plank jacks, step ups, dips, etc.

We finished with another cool down mosey around the track.

COT: announcements included up coming events like the Fox in Hartsville. Prayer requests for ill family members were noted.

We ended with a prayer.

This Thang challenged this pax, but I was both proud and honored to have the chance to lead and participate. Thank you brothers!

See you soon.

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