Friday Morning Lights 12-17

Friday Morning Lights 12-17

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ERC, Castaway, Tiny Dancer, Weasel

The Thang:

If you have not come out for Friday Sports, I highly Recommend you set your alarm and get up to the Plank.  We kicked this idea off a few weeks ago and its really starting to grow on me.  After I showed up to Q at the Plank and only 4 of us showed, i decided to throw down some 2V2 Soccer.  Has to be one of the best Cardio Workouts i’ve had since i joined F3.  Anyways, the discussion was had about Football Friday, or Futbol Friday, or Frisbee Friday and Friday Morning Lights was born.  Now just need you guys to wrap up the friday morning 3rd F Activities so we can get these numbers up for a tremendous Ultimate Football day.  The last couple Fridays have been great.

Well…. I believe we would of had some better numbers if Penelope had not posted that Doug Shaw would be closed.  It definitely was wide open when we got there and the weather was 65* and hot!!  One heck of a gloomy morning, and a great day for some football.  I pull in and there’s a few trucks hanging out waiting.   with about 5 mins til we have a bunch of pax ready to go, too bad they were hulkamaniacs.  Who the heck goes and runs in circles when you could have played football?  I have no idea.

Now were down to 3…  Tiny Dancer has a great idea that since we dont have enough for a game, we should just go to waffle house.  With about 30 seconds before calling it a good idea, ERC pulls in ready to roll.  and w/ 4 there’s a 2v2 Soccer Game!  ERC/Castaway vs Weasel/Tiny Dancer.

So we pull the Barrels as our scoring targets across the field.  Basically every play is wide open sprinting and within the first 15 mins of game were all out of breath.  Half way mark is just a grind.  Last 5 mins were all dying and Salty Gears comes rolling in.  Cheesy even came out and played in full PPE.  I wont discuss the score, but ERC needs a new partner.  Basically anyone else besides Castaway.

Friday Futbol, Hulkamaniacs, and Salty Gears all together at one location on a beautiful December morning.

Get to the Plank on Friday and you wont be disappointed.


Count Off- 15 Total  (4 FML, 6 Hulk, 5 SG I may have got those backwards)

Name-O- Rama

Prayer Requests

Sunshine Prayed us out.

Honor to lead gents, Friday Morning Lights are quickly becoming my favorite workout.



PS- Why is there no Salty Gears Box to Check?

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