Game of 4 Square- 80’s style……

Game of 4 Square- 80’s style……

Workout Date:





Bling, Lombardi, One Call, Early Bird, Crankbait, Mouse Pad, Rubber, Rocking Chair (Lexington), Beef Steak, Sunshine, El Red Cardo.

The Thang:

BombSquad- the old  Carolina Forest stomping grounds!  Haven’t Q’ed here in a while, so plugged myself in on the sheet (then proceeded to add to my phone for 6/18!). Lucky I ran into some Kotter at the pool yesterday who told me I was on for Monday!!  ok- no issue, just figure out this beatdown a week early.

sent a message via Twitter about Monday’s forecast: PAIN.  Best thing about Bombsquad (besides the people) is the symmetry!  L0ve using the square around the church- so the plan came together quickly and painfully.

Weather- 75 and humid- plan on sweating (but only if you work hard).  Pulled in early at 5:15- but not the 1st in the lot!  Early Bird’s jeep already parked!  Also saw a big white van (scary) in the large parking lot with someone stretching on the hood- had to be a brother!!  Walked over and told him to drive that van (hopefully empty) over to the other side as cars were rolling in.  grabbed the speaker, found a solid playlist featuring Hair Bands!

1 minute warning- Disclaimer given as usual.  Here we go….

22 Merkins IC. #22Kills



20 IW IC

15 Arm Circles Forward IC

20 Overhead Claps IC

15 Arm Circles Back IC

20 Tempo squats IC

grab the Speaker, turn on Guns and Roses, and walk to the end of lot to start the “Square”!

Corner #1 40 LBC’S OYO.  mosey straightaway and plank on the 6.

Corner #2 40 CDD IC.  mosey straightaway and plank on the 6

Corner #3 40 Flutter IC (4 count) mosey straightaway and plank on the 6

Corner #4 40 squats OYO (I was tired of counting….). mosey straightaway back to beginning.  Solid round!  Now we need to repeat, but at 30 reps per corner.  Mosey straightaways and plank on the 6.

we repeat at both 20 per corner and then 10 per corner (adding 5 merkins per corner after the set of 10).  Awesome work by all- great push!!  Damn Sunshine and Rocking Chair are fast….

Still time on the clock and the tunes were rocking (We’re Not Gonna Take It!!). So, back at the 1st corner in 2 rows of 5.  Jailbreak (faster than a mosey) in pairs down the straightaway to corner 2, plank on the 6.

Round 1 of 6”- work the core.  Run backwards to the next corner carefully, plank on 6.

Round 2 of 6”, added Hello Dolly- core getting worked!  pair up and Jailbreak to next corner and plank on 6

Round 3 of 6”, added Hello Dolly and arms/head off ground.  Run backwards to 1st corner carefully, plank on 6

Round 4 of 6”.  smoke show/grumbles/moans/sweat/I heard one PAX crying in the corner……TIME

sorry to go over by a few minutes, the tunes and brotherhood was awesome.

Circle up, count off, Announcements, Prayer.

Handy and Pert- working on adoptions, Jill and tests, PAX traveling, Rocking Chair back to Lexington, Unspoken

Honor to lead, OUT

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