Gavel VQ

Gavel VQ

Workout Date:



Texas Ranger


ERC, Speed Bump, Clothes Hanger, First Base, Texas Ranger (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: The Gavel

Conditions: 60s and clear

Well in honor of the #1stFChallenge and my ongoing unspoken battle with Pikachu, I decided to jump on the Q sheet and grab any open Q spot I could and low and behold the Gavel was open. I guess I should clarify… its unspoken on my part, according to various sources Pikachu is telling everybody about it and even trying to get me kicked off the Q sheet… but I digress. Showed up early to check out the AO conditions and to double check that Pikachu didn’t steal the blocks or do something else to mess up my Q. Luckily all was quiet and in order. No Judge Judy today as he was down in Disney, but still had a good group with First Base, Clothes Hanger who is starting to become a regular, Speed Bump, and ERC

1 minute warning



Since Catapult WAS all about recovery and lower impact workouts and BombSquad is usually more up-tempo, it seemed natural to do a little bit of both today.

20 Hairy Rockettes IC

10 Merkins OYO

15 Imperial Walkers IC



15 Seal Claps


Mosey to the big lot

Snake the Parking Lot: Low Impact focus on form

I’ve done this before where I thought ahead and set up a number of cones all around the big parking lot that we would use to snake ourselves around the lot, but I accidentally left the cones at home, but I had the general layout in mind. Offered some modifiers to Clothes Hanger, but he came up with a bunch as well.

  • Bear crawl to the first light pole (approx 75′ away), wait on the 6, crawl bear back to the start.
  • Mosey to the other end of the lot
  • Double lunge with a pause at the top the full length of the lot
  • There are 15 parking lot lines in the big lot and I made sure to use all of them. Everybody line up the same direction, side plank crawls with 1 merkin at every other line.
  • Burpee Broad Jump the full length of the lot
  • Side lunges with a squat when your feet are apart (switch directions at the halfway point of the lot). hold for the 6
  • Mosey to the Concession Stand

11’s: Starting to step up the intensity

Dips and step ups (tricep extension and press for CH)

Ring of Fire:

Still had the jump rope in my truck from Tuesday’s Q at Warthog so I figured why not.

Each #PAX would do 50 skips to serve as the counter for the rest of the group. Rest of the #PAX would SSH until the counter called out each 10th skip and would then do a burpee.

Mosey to the Side Lot by the Student Center

Dora: Didn’t have enough time to fit in a complete DORA, but enough to do the first two rounds.

100 – Lunges

  • Partner 1 – Lunge
  • Partner 2 – Run to the palm tree and back

200 – 2 count LBC (400 total)

  • Partner 1 – LBC
  • Partner 2 – Run to the palm tree and back

Mosey to the flag



Count-O-Rama: 5


Announcements: First F Challenge, Halloween Convergence, 2nd F stuff check slack

Prayer requests: Unspoken


As always, an honor to lead.

– Texas Ranger

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