Get to Know Your Neighbor

Get to Know Your Neighbor

Workout Date:



Brown Bag


Sunshine, Rubber, Beaker, Quaker (respect), Viagra (respect), Weeasel, Cat Ninja (2.0), Joker (2.0), HoJo, Headgear, Rousey, King James (2.0), 1st Base, Cubby, CandyCane, Pikacho, Penelope, Brown Bag QIC

The Thang:


A week or so ago YHC noticed that today was open at Timeshare and jumped at the chance to Q one of the best AO’s in the Nation.


The night before an abundance of chatter developed on Twitter about clowncars heading to the great northern AO. YHC received a text from Hamburglar too saying he was going to follow because he didn’t want to get lost trying to find Main St in NMB. YHC knew that the crew would be big, bad, and beautiful so the mind Weinke will have to bring it!


In the morning a text was sent to Hamburglar saying let’s roll! Crickets. Another text… Crickets again. Oh well, the show must go on. (turns out his son was having nightmares so he slept on the floor in his bedroom) 


Arrived at Timeshare at about 0615 and Penelope, Rousey and King James pulled in right behind. Soon Pikachu and CandyCane pulled and then the flood of PAX trickled in over the next 15 minutes.


YHC outdid himself with a stellar playlist that helped build the anticipation with an 8 minute version of Symphony No. 5 in C Minor by Ludwig van Beethoven queued up precisely at 0622 and then at 0630 the playlist kicked in with:


Proper disclaimer was given and the beatdown went something like this:



10 Merkins SC

20 IW IC

10 Merkins SC


At this point HoJo did his best El Red Cardo impression and tried to slide in unnoticed. The Q said, “Good Morning, HoJo, next exercise…

10 Burpees OYO

15 Windmills (Abe Vigoda Style) IC

10 Merkins SC


20 LBAC (in reverse) IC

20 CP IC

20 AirPress while in squat position IC

Sidenote – The 5 CORE PRINCIPLES were discussed while holding our arms out.


Time to Mosey to McLean Park


1st Stop was the Pavillion


25 Dips, 25 Derkins and 25 Step-ups all OYO

Plank for the six

Rinse and repeat

25 Dips, 25 Derkins and 25 Step-ups all OYO

Plank for the six


2nd Stop was the ballfield


We held plank while YHC explained the Dora to come. PAX were to partner up with another PAX that they did not know very well so that during the Dora exchange they could get to know each other. Full name, current and past occupations, etc.


And the Dora was:


30 Kraken Burpees

100 BigBoySitUps

200 Squats


Next up was a mini-ring of fire. Hold plank in a circle and each PAX did 3 Merkins.


We then held AlGore in the circle and went around the horn sharing what we learned from our Dora partner.


Back down to plank for a few different holds and recover.


Mosey’d back to the flag for a round of Mary


Held American Hammer position so everyone could get the feel of switching their feet

15 Freddie Mercury’s IC

Held American Hammer position

15 Flutters IC

Held American Hammer position

15 LBC’s

Held American Hammer position

10 Pretzel Crunch Right Side

10 Pretzel Crunch Left Side

Held American Hammer position

10 American Hammers IC

Switch feet!

10 American Hammers IC

Wait we’re not done!

15 Hello Dolly’s IC


22 Merkins SC



Wow! What an honor to lead!






Freed to bleed




Rubber’s dad, Don


YHC prayed us out.


Coffeteria followed, during which YHC was telling Sunshine and Rubber about a documentary that was just watched with my M. It is highly recommended that y’all watch it with an open mind. It can be found at (you have to enter your email address but it is legit)


Until next time…


Brown Bag


Over and out




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