Get Your Hands In The Air! Timeshare 8/17/17

Get Your Hands In The Air! Timeshare 8/17/17

Workout Date:



Thumper (F3 SwampRabbit)


Sonar, Cubby, Beaker, Tool Time, Spring Roll, Viagra, Crayola, Roadie, Thumper

The Thang:

YHC was in town on business, and staying more toward the timeshare side of town.  A quick inquiry regarding the address of the AO quickly turned into a guest Q and the rest is history.   I’d heard there was a patch involved, and there’s not alot I won’t do for a patch.  I wasn’t really sure about what was available @ Timeshare to use for the w/o, but I figured about every AO has the means to do some sort of 4 corners tomfoolery so off we went.    Enough with the chit chat!

25 IW IC
20 Dancing Bears IC
Ran laps around Ocean, 3rd Ave, and Hillside with stops around the corners for fun stuff.
Stop 1:   50 over head claps and 20 patty cake merkins
Stop 2:   15 Monkey Humpers and 20 Squats
Stop 3:   20 BBSU’s and 30 LBCs
Stop 4:   50 over head claps and 20 patty cake merkins
Stop 1:   10 3 count hold dips IC, and 10 3 count hold irkins IC
Stop 2:   50 overhead claps, 30 cherry pickers and 20 morracan night clubs
Stop 3:   15 Monkey Humpers IC and 20 Squats
Stop 4:   50 overhead claps and 20 patty cake merkins IC
Back to flags for Mary and running short on time:
30 LBCs IC
50 Flutters IC
Prayers for our country
A few observations, this is a fantastic AO with guys who put 100% into the workout.  That is patently obvious, and it is always an honor to lead and bleed with guys who are going all out.   Secondly, and I cannot emphasize this enough,  it was truly an honor to be a part of how you all show respect and remembrance to Dipstick.    I didn’t know him, but have to believe that the patch requirements put a smile on his face.
[#cobains Thumper on the late upload of the BB.  YHC was the one that was slack this time. -Beaker]

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