Glowing Mosey Laps

Glowing Mosey Laps

Workout Date:





Bubbles, Shoeless (2x respect), Fergie, Jetah, Drifter, Manziel (Respect)

The Thang:

YHC arrived approximately 5:05 AM to find AOQ Fergie already present and getting ready to plant the shovel flag. Fergie has really stepped up in his role as AO and has been doing a great job consistently posting and getting us a good variety of Q’s. Props to Fergie!

Pax started rolling in consistently afterwards and we started with some high knees, lunges and globe jumps. None of those exercises were part of the workout, just necessary body movements to get around the potholes in the Warthog parking lot as we circled up.

We waited for our official 1 minute warning (Manziel’s Jeep rolling up- its consistent enough we don’t need watches) and then we got to it.

YHC gave the intro disclaimer and then the usual warm up exercises, SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Through the tunnel, LBAC.

After warmup we moseyed over to the middle of the track where YHC had planted some items ahead of time.

One of those items was a lantern to provide some extra lighting in a dark area. As the power was switched on, nothing happened. Dead batteries. All pax sighed and eye rolled thinking oh great, this is off to a good start. Additional items consisted of index cards, pens and glow sticks.

YHC explains the thought process for todays beat down. We’re approaching the end of 2021. Let’s do an agility test of sorts so we can document where we are at going into 2022.

The workout is simple:

5 minutes running (start and stop signaled by YHC’s whistle)

1 minute recover mosey to middle of track

1:30 of Merkins

1:30 Big Boy Sit Ups

1 minute to record your numbers and then mosey back to where you left off on the track.

Rinse and repeat until we finish for a total of 20 minutes of running and 4:30 each of Merkins and Big boy sit ups. Record your laps, Merkins and Sit ups to see where you’re at.

The glow stick was intended to be left on the track to be used as a place marker. Manziel put his in his pocket, making it useless.

Jeter’s glow stick would help us find him if he got disoriented and wandered off, making it useful.

There’s been more running than usual at Beatdowns all across the Grand Strand. All of us seem to be on the same page. It’s cold out and we need to burn off holiday calories anyways so let’s keep it moving.

At the start of the first whistle I took off at a good pace and Bubbles stuck right with me. He commented about my pace and I mentioned I am interested in trying to get a sub 20 minute 5k in 2022. He went right for the EH to talk me into the the Myrtle Beach Marathon. 5k to Marathon? That escalated quickly.

The first round of exercises was met with an excessive amount of mumble chatter regarding the wet grass. No sympathy was given. If the cold wet grass doesn’t feel good, you aren’t sweating enough. Case closed.

By the end of the beat down most pax logged somewhere close to 3 miles and 150ish Merkins and Sit ups.


Count-O-Rama: 7


Prayer Requests: Lots of COVID spikes and for safety during upcoming travel



Moleskin: Shoeless and Drifter have been awesome additions to the Warthog crew and have been posting consistently. Winter months require a special kind of HIM to post and these guys are getting after it. The beat down finished with lots of approving “I wouldn’t have pushed myself that hard today if I was solo” and that is what were all about doing out there.

Announcements: Grand Strand Brewery tonight. Ugly sweater convergence in Conway this Saturday


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