God Bless America Tabata

God Bless America Tabata

Workout Date:



Kiwi ( 2 X Respect)


Pole dancer (R), Heisenberg (R), Hoedown, Brandon (R)

The Thang:

Conditions: 81 and the humidity was super thick to the point that we were sweating prior to getting started to the point it was as if we were swimming with the Sharks.

Sharknado regulars Brandon and Pole Dancer were out in force and we were joined today by the AOQ for Blackbeard (Heisenberg) and previous Republic Nantan (Hoedown) both who were separating the Fourth of July on a three hour tour (hopefully not of Gilligan’s island) of the inlet as a part of the July 4th boat parade.

Not knowing everyone’s availability I had not even tried to find another Q on the 4th and had planned to take a Tabata Q from my good AOQ buddy Fergie and modify the time slightly and really push the Sharknado crew. I had been informed the night before that Hoedown was planning on attending and wanted to have something that would push all pax him included – thus a you against you tabata workout. If you aren’t familiar with Tabata – its a high intensity workout with 20 seconds on and 10 off for 8 exercises – I was modifying it to 40 seconds on / 25 seconds off with 15 exercises. then RR.

CoP –

HillBillies 15

TTT 15

SSH – 20

Tempo squats 15

Windmills – 10

IW – 15

LBAC – F – 15 / R – 15

Seal Claps – 15

Merkins – 22 to remember who is keeping us safe and free

Core principles, mission of f3 and motto

The Thing

Started with a slow mosey around the AO ending at the block pile then up to the church front entrance right by the ring camera 🙂





Mountain Climbers

Overhead Presses (block)

Heels to HEAVEN


Curls for Girls (block)

Monkee Humpers – don’t relaize how hard these are until you do them for 40 seconds.


Jump squats

Bent over rows (block)

Blockees or tri-extensions (blocks)

Hello dollies

We then rinsed and repeated w/o burpees all the way to LBCs I believe.

I can’t speak for anyone else but definitely the hardest workout Sharknado had seen and I was very proud of all the PAX and knowing this was pushed us all including Hoedown the youngster in the group. I was producing sweat angels by the end and it was a great way to celebrate Merica’s Independence.




COT – prayers both requested and silent

Honor to Lead