Good Times in North Myrtle

Good Times in North Myrtle

Workout Date:





Beaker, Crayola, Fortran (Kernersville, NC), Flop

The Thang:

Lots of Q spots open with Timeshare still growing.  I saw a Tweet from Beaker last night that he EHed the dads at the Flag Football tryouts and thought there was a possibility of several coming out this morning.  With this in mind I was not sure what the Winkie would look like so I decided to break it up in parts and use the parts that would fit the PAX best.  As I woke up this morning in no real hurry it suddenly dawned on me that Timeshare was at 5:15 and not 5:30 like I’m used to.  Now I am in a hurry.  Pulled in with 5 minutes to spare to see 2 PAX  doing some light stretching.

1 minute warning given


SSH x10

TTT x12

IW x15 (Crayola pulls in and gets in the last few)

Hillbillies x12

LBAC x15

Reverse ACx15

Cherry Pickers (the good kind)x15 but I messed these up badly,  Did them wrong, can’t count…whatever

Air Press x12

Tempo Merkins x10

Reverse Tempo Merkins x10

Merkins x10

Tempo Squats x10

Reverse Tempo Squats x10

Squats x10

Jump Squats x10 (should always be OYO.  Why was I even trying to count these, SMH)


The Thang:

Mosey to Park.  On the way add some Lunge Walks, Toy Soldiers, High Knees

200s At the Picnic Shelter

Merkins, CDD, Step Ups (or Squats) and Dips

Must do 25 of each.  The other 100 Reps you can choose on your own

Tables put together for Abyss Merkins

1 at first table, Bear Crawl to 2nd table for 2 Abyss and Bear Crawl to 3rd for 3, Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to stairs by Tennis Court. 3 sets of stairs with 10 squats at top and bottom

On the Tennis Court Snake along Tennis Court lines.

We then went out to the street to try a new exercise – Its like a Rocky Balboa but with your arms. Or like Step Ups but with Arms

Plank position close to the curb 5 with right arm lead then 5 with left arm lead

Mosey back toward the Flag and found a store with a better curb.  Did another set or the new exercise then flipped over for some Mary

Pretzel Crunch x10 both sides

Pretzel Stick Crunch x10 both sides

American Hammers 4 count x10

Hillbillies x10

Mosey back to Flag




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