Good Form!

Good Form!

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Grass Patch, Hoedown, Whittle, Mud Slide, Etch a Sketch, High Cotton, Tag Team, Peach, Stuffed Crust, Recount, Bluegrass (QIC)

The Thang:

5 PAX started out with a nice pre-run at 4:40am. I showed up at 4:30ish to try and push to 5 miles and came in hot at 4:43 right as the PAX were taking off. We ranged from 3-5 miles on the pre-run.

One minute warning called out on the run as I was coming into the AO
Conditions: hot and humid but it beats the rain any day.
Disclaimer given

50-SSHs IC
5 Burpees OYO
25-LBACs Forward and Reverse IC hold them out
20-Richard Simmons IC
5 Burpees OYO
20-Air Chair Presses IC

Quick Mosey to big lots parking lot

The Thang
During these routines we had multiple discussions regarding form and why its important. Do the exercises correct or you are cheating yourself and possibly not even training the muscles you are targeting. If you need to modify, know how to modify. For example a merkin is intended to target chest and triceps but if you only go down 4 inches you are no longer hitting chest and it becomes only a tricep exercise and a very weak tricep exercise at that. The correct way to modify is to go to your knees and maintain full range of motion for the exercise. Being on your knees reduces the amount of weight you are pushing off the ground and allows the full range of motion hitting all targeted muscle groups. If you don’t know how to correctly modify an exercise ask someone there are a lot of guys that have a lot of knowledge to give.

Four Corners Escalator Style on ¼ mile loop (Good Form, watch recount if you need to see good form)
Corner 1 – 10 Burpees
Corner 2 – 20 Burpees
Corner 3 – 30 Burpees
Corner 4 – 40 Burpees

Four Corners Escalator Style on ¼ mile loop (Good form, knee to ground and front leg at 90 degrees)
Corner 1 – 10 Alternating leg lunges
Corner 2 – 10 Alternating leg lunges
Corner 3 – 10 Alternating leg lunges
Corner 4 – 10 Alternating leg lunges

Four Corners Escalator Style on ¼ mile loop (Good form as discussed above)
Corner 1 – 10 Merkins
Corner 2 – 15 Merkins
Corner 3 – 20 Merkins
Corner 4 – 30 Merkins

Slow Mosey to the SF (Circle it up)

Continued the discussion on form, talked about preforming Big Boy setups with good form. Legs stay flat on the ground arms should come back over head with hands touching the ground, lift with your abs, don’t use leg and arm momentum.

20 – Big Boy sit ups OYO (Do them slow and do them right, no momentum. If you don’t feel it in your abs after 20 you are Thor or you did them wrong.)
10-V-Ups OYO (Legs out holding six inches while arms are on ground fully stretched out then touch your toes. Again, do them slow and do them right, no one cares how fast you crank them out focus on yourself getting better.
20-Tempo Squats IC (Get low, your hamstring should touch your calf muscle when squatting. Good mornings are a great exercise but they are not what was called so don’t do them)
10-American Hammers IC
Mosey to the church wall
20-Split Leg Squats 10 each leg (Go deep, stay balanced.)
Mosey back to SF
10-Tempo Squats (Deep, 10 second hold on the last rep)

Take Away from today:
1. 50 SSHs IC as the first exercise will really wake everyone up.
2. Whittle looks like he is swatting flies away when he performs SSHs or maybe he was swatting flies and not working out, who knows?
3. Recount is a freaking monster! 100 burpees with the most perfect form I have ever seen at a beat down. Nice work dude!
4. Stuffed Crust was very eager to get under way with round two of 100 burpees but it was just a joke. Maybe I should have let it stand.
5. Everything is so much harder when you focus on technique/form rather than speed.
6. My Q was way worse than whatever OneCall did at Warthog but I try.
7. If I would have always taken the time to do Big Boys right every time they have been called instead of fast I would have an 18 pack right now. They are not a recovery exercise!
8. Burpees really are the worst thing ever created.
9. Don’t ever double up on the pre-workout, the crash is hard!

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