Goofy Run and SSH Ring of Fire

Goofy Run and SSH Ring of Fire

Workout Date:



Spinal Tap


Flash, Bubbles, Snips, Baggage and Spinal Tap

The Thang:

Perfect temperature of 67°, five men arrived in the gloom at Warthog.

To be honest, warm-up was somewhat uneventful with the standard set of Imperial Walkers, Lil Baby Arm circles plus hold-em-out for all the variations and then Through the Tunnel. We transitioned into the “Side Straddle Hop Ring of Fire” where pax in the circle continuously side straddle while one man rocks out burpee‘s in the middle until we make it all the way around the circle.

Next was a 1/2 mile Indian run variation called a Cobra Run where the last man weaves through the line up to the front. This requires proper spacing and pace, which proved to be a challenge at times.

At the far side of the bridge we paused and did a round of abs with 20 Crunchy Frogs, Freddie Mercury‘s, Heels to Heaven, and Banana-Superman in 15 count cadence with an extra round of Dead-Cockroach thrown in.

Next step was another half mile around the lake, but we tried something new called a Goofy Indian run where the last man runs backwards to the front line. Baggage quickly reminded us of our promise not to sue the Q or F3 or Market Commons. Flash could certainly make the USA Olympic team in backwards running.

Upon arrival at the bridge, we paused for around of 20 deep squats in cadence, and then proceeded to Mount Myrtle for a round of 11s. One side was four count Flutter Kicks and the other side was Abyss Merkins on the picnic benches under the shelter. Bubbles remarked how we all ended close to the same time and didn’t have to wait on the 6 for long.

Mosey back to the flag for the bonus round of Side Straddle Hop Ring of Fire with six Burpee‘s in the middle for every pax.

Ending with the circle of trust, the scripture verse for today is I Corinthians 5:21 “ He became sin knew knew no sin so that we might be called the righteousness of God.”

Announcements, prayer, fist-bumps, mission accomplished.

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