GoRuck Mini Training

GoRuck Mini Training

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Geno, Lombardi, One Call, Peterbilt, Podcast, Valvano, Meatball, Bling

The Thang:

We have our Tough/Light scheduled for 4/20 here in MB- many of our F3 Brothers are signed up and training for a night/day of Suck, so…. it was time again for another “Mini” to get us all in the mindset we need to be successful, and to also give those new to the “Embrace” ready for what they will encounter.

Weather- 61 at 0245am, going down to 49 at 0730.  Water temp 58 (although that was highly questionable!)

Rolled in at 0235, as I had to double check both logs and also the 3 mile route I had driven Friday- wanted to make sure!  pulled in to see another car there, probably from the night before and stumbling home from Nacho-Hippo!  no!  Podcast standing there, looking like he was waiting for either his dealer to arrive, or 7 other idiots!  Didn’t have him as a HC (the entire week!), but since Hoser bailed to take his family to see llamas and monkeys, it worked out as usual!

0300 start/orientation- so all the boys starting rolling in on time…….with Geno the last…….

went over the following, especially for Geno, Podcast, & Peterbilt- who will experience their 1st in 3 weeks!

Formation of rucks and individuals- where to be standing.  Flag, headlights, safety, team goals, time hacs, coupons, teamwork, team leaders, equipment, ruck packing, etc.  Questions?  All good, lets roll!

3 mile ruck march- time hac of 50 min.  Stay in line, I would lead at a fast 14.30 pace.  great job by all, finished our trek around MC in 43 min meeting at the field/flag- great warmup!

rucks off, line up across the field long ways.  You’re Up, You’re Down all the way down the field.  As I call out “Youre Up”, mosey down the field, when I yell “You’re Down”, drop to the ground and low crawl.  repeat as I yell Up and Down for 75 yards.  Turned around and went back to flag- I joined this round.  great exercise!

next up-1/2 lap around the track with rucks above head.  1/2 lap return with. rucks on back- recoup.

time hac- 5 minutes to get both logs from sand pile and back to flag.  3.45 flat- nice work!  5 minute break

Lombardi brought 2 buckets of sand- line up around track in single file.  frontman grabs both buckets and farmer carries as long as he can, drop buckets, go to back of line- until we go all the way thru the 8 studs.  3 laps- very impressive dudes!

left the buckets and Flag at our AO, hoping the usual Saturday workout saw the pain we were going thru!  Grab 1 log, time have of 35 minutes to go the 2.1 miles to the beach at Springmaid.  2-man teams by height made this too easy!  made it down in 33 minutes at a solid pace of over 16 min mile with the log- as a team!

Rucks off, prepare to get wet.  In ocean ankle deep for Merkins IC- One Call led this.  I think it was the 3rd wave that hit all of us- One Call couldn’t yell the cadence with salt water in his mouth- we all started laughing/pushing ourselves to complete 20 IC!  Moved another foot into the ocean, Geno led us on squats IC- 20 total.  Water is cold at 0500!  we moved in a little further and attempted jump-squats, but the waves/depth was too tough, and we were all laughing too hard to get these done!  everyone out!

split into 4 man teams by height.  Lombardi, Meatball, Peterbilt, and Podcast went 1st.  Grab the log and hold on chest- make your way back into the water (knee height) for Todd Mornings as a team.  The other 4 counted/encouraged/laughed!  Switch teams.  Bling, One Call, Geno, Valvano repeated the drill.  lay log in the dry sand.  10 min break as we dry off, change clothes (no more ocean) and prepare/hydrate/eat.

Gave the team the best time hac- toughest one yet.  its a mile from Springmaid per to MB state park pier.  we have 40 minutes to carry the log there and back (20 min mile!). here we go- same 2-man rotation, but in the sand its much tougher to move.  And when Podcast needed some breaks, the others had to take another shift and re-arrange the group in order to keep the log rolling!  Awesome display of teamwork/attitude/embracing the suck of carrying a telephone pole on your shoulders.

very proud of. the group when I looked at my phone after the 2 miles- 33 minutes!  we did that in the same 16 min mile as the road- we were stoked!  Well deserved 10 minute break……as I gave them the next round of pain.

PT test!  same groups of 4, to make things quicker and easier.

group 1- Lombardi, Podcast,  Meatball, Peterbilt- AMRAP merkins for 1 minute.  AMRAP BB setups for 1 min.

group 2- Bling, One Call, Valvano, Geno- 1 mile beach run (1/2 mile down and back). then switch!  great work by all- Meatball seems to have no problem running at all!

Trying to stay in line with timing, we want to be back to AO for 7:45 for Hoedown’s devotion/COT.  But I also wanted to see the sunrise!

Needed to get the log back to AO- it can’t stay there!  SO, we all knew what needed to be done.  No time hac, we were all cramping and smoked.  just carry the stupid log back the 2.1 miles home!  Great talk, great effort, made it back to AO at 7:35.  Rucks off, both logs back to sand pile, regroup at flag for questions, pictures (great effort Lombardi getting someone!). TIME!


Recap- solid work by all.  You never know how you’re going to respond emotionally or physically to what needs to get done in the time it needs to get done.  All 8 of us rose up to the challenge, it was great to see Geno and Peterbilt, both signed up for the Tough, do awesome work.  Meatball is a stud, Valvano, One Call, and Lombardi came thru like Vets, Podcast (aka Hoser) did a great job- very proud.

Looking forward to April’s event- for those who are signed up and weren’t there with us- train hard!



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  1. Great write up and even better training. Well thought out and put together and HARD!! Awesome work by the 1st timers, and everybody!! Honor to be there with you all as we pushed hard!!!!

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