No IPC1 Rousey!

No IPC1 Rousey!

Workout Date:





CropDuster, Hedgehog, Buffet, Flatliner, HighInterest, FirstBase, HoJo, Crabs, Pikachu (3F Q) and Rousey (1 x R)

The Thang:

Conditions: Low 80s, slightly humid, and gloomy.

YHC (QIC) turn to lead the #HIM of the #Catapult (CP)!  CP is a moderate pace bootcamp that is IR-FNG-Kotter friendly.  It doesn’t mean that workouts are easy, it means that the Q has to work a little harder planning a WOD that has the right blend of exercises, flow, plenty of modifiers (easier and harder) so that all skill levels are challenged.  “Just modify as necessary” is not good enough with all of us experiencing (directly or indirectly) the lonely “6” and how do we truly act out the F3 credo of “Leaving no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.”

So, YHC had 3 #weinkes planned and would have to wait on who showed up to pick the most conducive WOD.  9 other Pax showed up; an assortment of varying fitness levels; but all pretty much faster than YHC in running (I’ll be the 6!).  We’ll go w/ option 2.  Good morning, F3 mission, disclaimer, #mumblechatter, typical F3GS warm up, mosey to the large CFCC large parking lot (by way of #coupon pile to grab Pax choice of block) and YHC explained the plan.

“Not the IPC1 WOD”: Pax lined up the width of the large parking lot and in a you vs. you format completed the following (3 rounds):

  1. 1 mosey lap around campus (lead Pax to pick up the 6…basically YHC).
  2. 25Y Lunge Walk forward (w/ or w/o #coupon),
  3. 10 Merkins,
  4. 25Y Toy Soldier March back,
  5. Rotating exercises: 15 Thrusters (R1), 15 Jump over #coupon / PAUSE / Merkin (R2) and 20 reps. Pax choice w/ #coupon (R3),
  6. 25Y Lunge Walk forward (w/ or w/o #coupon),
  7. 10 Merkins,
  8. 25Y Toy Soldier March back (lead Pax to plank and wait on 6),
  9. QIC called on a Pax to lead 25 4-ct. Flutterkicks IC w/ optional OH #coupon hold.

QIC wrapped it up w/ light stretching.


COR – 10
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken (Pax dealing w/ CV19 and sick MIL) and unspoken.

Announcements: Check out F3 GrandStrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  Recent 2F at GS Brewing Co. (more to come); F3 10-year at F3 Cape Fear on 10/8 – 10/10/2021; CSAUPs next year; Leadership change with fresh ideas…lots of things going on – get plugged in!

NMMS 1: All put in strong work and completed the (clearly) non IPC1 (but inspired) workout!  From YHC’s observation, you guys completed a good bit more than the “modified” version!  The full version…meh YHC could do without.  You all do this every Tuesday and Thursday, so don’t think you can’t hang with the other Pax — try a Saturday at BombSquad!

NMMS 2: We didn’t do Burpees on R2.  And we hard stopped at 0600.  Noted for the file to keep YHC in O’douls good graces – lol!

Honor to lead!



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