Has he done this before?

Has he done this before?

Workout Date:





Mudslide, Strap lock, Bluegrass

The Thang:

I rolled up a little early with all intentions of getting a short pre-run in but as I was coming in no one else was there. I waited a few minutes to see if anyone showed up (I may have fallen asleep?) no one did, and it was really cold so I scratched the pre-run. Sometimes you have off days and that’s ok. Right around 5:10 mudslide and I began setup the KBs and then Strap Lock (a Southern Bells newbie) rolled up. As I mentioned in the tweet this morning I was struggling to put together my Q but we pressed on and got some work done by throwing around some weight.

Conditions: cold
1 minute warning
Disclaimer For this week we had the following equipment:
Kettlebells: 30lb(Pair), 40lb(Pair), 40lb(Pair), 50lb(Pair), 70lb, 80lb
Pull up bar

Circuit One
Kbell-Swings hitting each individual KB

Circuit Two
Kbell- alternating Curls and Tricep extensions

Circuit Three
Kbell-alternating Up right Rows/High Pulls and bent over rows
Pull ups

Circuit Four
Kbell-Shoulder Press
Pull ups

Circuit Five
Kbell-alternating goblet lung and bent over row
Pull ups

Circuit Six
Kbell-Alternating Goblet Squats and figure 8s

Circuit Seven
Kbell-KB swings hitting each individual KB


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