Headlamps, Heavy Coupons, and The HULK

Headlamps, Heavy Coupons, and The HULK

Workout Date:





Bling, Billboard, Hoser, Weedeater, Lombardi, High Interest, Boxcar, Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

Warm, muggy, and buggy

With just 10 days to go until many of us take on the GORUCK Tough Battle of Baghdad event here in Myrtle Beach, Bling and I were chatting and decided a few miles under heavy weight on The Hulk would do us all some good.  Cadre Montreal just updated us with the start point of the event – Chapin Y – only a mile or so from The Hulk and the beach … this is gonna be fun!  A bunch of HCs rolled in on the Slack channel last night and sandbags were requested of anyone who had them.  Meatball SC’d for the first hour, but it turns out the bad half of his 50-50 alter ego took over this morning … no where to be found.

Of the 8 PAX who showed, sandbags were laid out.  YHC initially called for Hoser’s 100lber, but we thought better of it and swapped for the 50# hose.
In total we had:

  • 60# sandbag x 2
  • 50# sandbag x 1
  • 50# hose
  • 30# log


Two loops were completed through The Hulk totaling just over 3 miles in right at 1 hour’s time.  Coupons were switched every 0.5 miles or as needed.

With some time remaining, YHC called for some PT to finish out the morning.

Get into groups of 4:
P1 – mosey to the storage shed and back (~60 yards each way)
P2 – AMRAP ruck thrusters
P3 – AMRAP mountain climbers
P4 – AMRAP burpees
Cycle through until each PAX performs all excercises.  We repeated this round twice.

Still time remaining, but a call went out for a change in exercises for the 3rd round, so:
P1 – mosey to the storage shed and back (~60 yards each way)
P2 – AMRAP American Hammers (or standing twists per Hoser because the ground is dirty)
P3 – AMRAP merkins
P4 – AMRAP lunges
Again, each PAX cycled through the 4 exercises.

Plenty of heavy breathing at this point, so YHC called for a slow cool down walk past the shed and back to the cars.  Quick discussion about gear (good gloves per cadre) and hydration for next week’s event during the cool down.

Count-O-Rama – 8
Announcements – Dragon Boat, GRT/GRL, Team Dad, Dad’s Camp, 5/11 M Date Night, 2ndF CCU Baseball Game … check out Slack for details
Prayer Requests – Geno’s dad


It was an excellent morning and a strong push by all present.  We take for granted just how flat Myrtle Beach is.  Only about 50 ft of elevation change over those 3 miles and we were all feeling it!  We’ve shied away from The Hulk in the past due to darkness, but with everyone’s headlamps, we were sure-footed and safe.  This needs to be a standard rotation for WaveRucker.  Assuming it does make the rotation, Billboard MUST be in attendance.  No telling where Bling would be right now without Billboard’s wise guidance on the trail.

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