High School Sweetheart 1993

High School Sweetheart 1993

Workout Date:





Bling, Handy Manny, Pick Axe, Billboard, Dabo, Stewy, Mini Me, Putt Putt, Lombardi, Weedeater, Bubbles, Wolverine

The Thang:

YHC arrived at the AO at 5:05 AM, just late enough to make sure he didn’t get invited to run with Hanny and the guys at the 7 minute pace who were leaving out at 5:00 AM sharp! YHC then proceeded on a run around the lake and then the small track at a more mosey pace to warm up. It was near freezing and the ice on the bridges was barely melting from the overnight light frost. Several guys were biking as they are prepping for the Swamp Fox Adventure Race this coming Saturday. Bubbles and Putt Putt arrived in shorts.

5:29 One Minute Warning called

5:30 Disclaimer

YHC shared with the guys that yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the day I first asked my M out. So the theme was set. 25 of everything.


25 SSH – IC

25 TTT – IC

25 Imperial Walkers – IC

25 Windmills – IC

25 LBAC F/R – IC

The Thang

Mosey over to the bridge. To begin the mile loop around the lake.

25 Burpees – OYO, Mosey a bit – THIS WAS A REAL CROWD PLEASER!

25 BBSU, Mosey a bit

25 Flutter Kicks, Mosey a bit

25 Merkins, Mosey a bit

25 Mountain Climbers, Mosey a bit

25 Squats, Mosey a bit

25 American Hammers, Mosey a bit

25 LBC’s, Mosey a bit

Arrived a Mount Myrtle…

Continuing the 25 theme

Ladder down starting with 25 Merkins, with a different Pax calling out a workout on each side of the hill. 24 big boys, 23 LBC’s, etc. Handy called out Burpees at 19 and a mob nearly ensued. We actually stopped at 17 for time and headed back to the flag for Mary.


YHC had planned a typical Mary conclusion, but Weedeater wanted to do a Merkin ring of fire starting with 7 Merkins in the circle. #Smoothitwasnot! Mumblechatter was high as everyone was holding plank forever while 13 guys finished the circuit.



Announcements: Bling mentioned Waveruckers tomorrow at 4:30AM.

Prayer requests: None noted.


Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”

YHC closed the BOM with Prayer.

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