Hill of a Mess

Hill of a Mess

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Big Wheels, Super Dave, Saved by the Bell, Strap Lock

The Thang:

I rode in to a bit cooler and less humid than usual July morning, but the moisture was soon to arrive. I gave the disclaimer and we began.

COP- SSH, TTT, imperial walkers, windmills, arm circles forward/reverse/cherry pickers/ Moroccan night clubs/overhead/ out front in cadence started the episode. Kind of normal, everything felt usual. But that was about to end as we moseyed out.

The Main Thang- we formed up on the hill on Laurel Street between 4th & 5th Avenue for a dose of fun that lasted 5 reps. Start from high plank, on command to your feet immediately into SSH in cadence, on 10 sprint up the hill 40 yards, mosey back rinse and repeat times 5. The plank was announced as the rest position, and we were glad to have it.

We took a block mosey and reformed at the top of the hill for the same set times 5, except the sprint was mercifully downhill.

We took a block mosey and reformed at the bottom again. This time, no chance to rest straight to SSH and blast up the hill. Once there SSH and back down for a final set of 6 reps. We then moseyed back to the flag and ended the water war as we were all dripping.

COT- announcements and prayer request were done. I prayed us out. HONORED!!!

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