Hot Rocks

Hot Rocks

Workout Date:



1st Base


Beefsteak (AOQ), Cross Stitch, Billy Blanks, Rousey (R), Quaker, (R), ERC, Candy Cane, Jetah, Baggage, Sanka, Spork, 1st Base

The Thang:

Plans for this workout took a turn when YHC ran across a twitter post from F3 St Louis showing a Coupon De-Icing Station over the weekend. The propane fueled torch heater being used in the picture was identical to one that had serendipitously come into my possession on Thursday evening without much rhyme or reason, so what had originally been a block free workout became a block centric workout. Having not used this device before, I arrive at the AO around 4:30 to set it up and then transport coupons (with some help from Rousey, Cross Stitch and Billy Blanks) from their normal spot to a concrete pad when I didn’t have to worry about starting a grass fire. As the heater did its thing, we started a leisurely pre-run picking up Beefsteak as he planted the shovel flag.

Circle of Pain
25 Side Straddle Hop, IC
15 Thru The Tunnel, IC
15 Windmills, IC
15 Tempo Squats, IC
15 Imperial Walkers, IC
15 Grady Corn, IC
22 Merkins, OYO

PAX continued pulling up through the first half of the COP, what started out as seven soon swelled to a dozen by the time we got to Imperial Walkers.

The Thang

Lap around perimeter ending at the block warming station, where everyone grabbed a coupon that, if not toasty, was at least not frozen, and then headed onto Big Lots.

Tangled Webbs
Using a coupon of their choice, Pax are to complete the following series of exercises:

TL:DR – Lt. Dans > Blockee-fied Jack Webbs > Captain Thors

1 Squat followed by 2 Lunges, 1 Merkin followed by 2 Overhead Press (to be performed as a Blockee with an extra Overhead Press), 1 Big Boy Sit Up followed by 2 American Hammers
Wait for all PAX to complete first round, and then proceed to the next round, increasing reps while keeping the same ratio. YHC did a less than adequate job explaining, particularly on the Blockee-fied Jack Webbs (for the second round, PAX were to complete two Blockees with one block merkin and two over head presses in each Blockee), but we eventually got everyone on the same page.

YHC was about to pivot after the 9th round to some Rows and Curls, but the PAX demanded a tenth round, so a tenth round was had.

Moseyed back with the coupons to their normal pile and circled back up around the flag for some PAX Choice Mary.

15 Pretzel Crunches, IC (1st Base)
6ish Superman/Wee’s (Beefsteak)
15 LBCs (Billy Blanks)
15 Heels to Heaven (Spork)

Last two minutes were used for OYO stretching.




Q Source, Tuesday at 5:15 via Zoom

Shield Lock Challenge starts 2/1

Blood Drive, 2/4 at St. Mark Coptic Church

BombSquad AOQ Handoff 2/12

Catapult 3 Year Anniversary 2/16

Crop Duster VQ 2/22

Catapult AOQ Handoff 2/24

As always, and honor to lead these HIM out in the gloom!

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