How many floors are there?

How many floors are there?

Workout Date:





Bling, Hefty (our regular DR PAX), Viagra (RESPECT), Cubbie, Beaker, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

24 degrees

#Timeshare has been steadily increasing its numbers, but I learned today that they were mostly Saturday guys.  So unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet some of them, but the diehard faithful of this beautiful AO were there despite the cold temps.  Hefty even came running in sporting the Noxgear vest and looking nice and bright!  Get up here and Q if you haven’t yet!  Start time of 0515, end at 0600!  Made it home 15 minutes earlier than when posting at #Warthog!  No excuses if time is the question!

Let me add this – having a chauffeur to drive one to one’s Q is quite nice.  I highly recommend it.  Bling doesn’t yet have his chauffeur’s license, so I didn’t have to tip him, but I did offer to buy him a box of munchkins.  Only suggestion – seat warmers please.  My butt was cold.

1 minute warning

It’s cold, let’s warm up a bit
TTT x 15 IC
SSH’s x 20 IC
Windmills x 10 IC
IW x 15 IC
Plank, stretch calves
22 Merkins in single count cadence – #22Kills

Let’s mosey to the parking deck with some high knees and butt kicks to stretch out.  I had a set #weinke, but it was being modified in my head as Bling talked about the garage is 6 or 7 stories, but the stairwell goes up to 17 or something.  He basically wanted to stay warm and stay in the stairwell..well, let’s see how this would play out

Got to the 1st level of the parking garage and saw a very nice incline.  Forgot it was so steep…so, let’s use it
11’s – 10 Merkins at bottom, 1 Squat at top; 9/2; 8/3; etc
Run BACKWARDS up the slant and mosey down
This was a total calf and quad SMOKER
Hmm…let’s do more legs and get in the stairwell

All men wall sit
Everyone will air press
Man 1 will count 10 as we all do 10
He will then go in stairwell and run up the stairs and at EVERY landing, do 10 calf raises all the way to the top (having no idea how many levels there were!)
Once at top, wall sit and air press til all get there
Man 2 count the next 10 air presses while still in wall sit; then follow Man 1
Etc etc, so that everyone was doing the wall sit/air press and then running in to the stairwell for the stairs and calf raises; and then all would catch up
Well, around level 10 we all started catching up, so YHC called it – figure a solid 200 calf raises since each level had 2 landings
Then some more wall sit air presses together in the stairwell
Then back down til we hit the garage again…level 6, but it was taped off, so head through other door, and BOOM 5′ wall in front of us blocking the garage top floor.
Not blocking us for long, as some tried to turn back – Get yourself over the wall
Head to other side, wall sit
60 air presses – each man counting 10 in a whispering voice so as not to disturb anyone sleeping

Partner up – beautiful clear sky – cliffhanger merkins x 15 each PAX

Head to the ramp
15 BBSU’s
And bear crawl down to next level
25 LBC’s
I had intended to keep this pattern – Core exercise, some way down, etc.

BUT NO.  Right there in front of us were COUPONS!!!  Buckets of paver, gravel bags, all sorts of stuff.

Grab a bucket – probably 40 lbs
Farmer walk up the ramp right hand
OH Press the bucket 15x
Farmer walk down the ramp left hand
Curl the bucket 10x
Back to your partner – set up 2 buckets
Abyss merkins AMRAP while other partner runs to top and back
Squats – using the bucket as your stop point – make sure you are getting low!  Geno was discussed as a PAX asked if Geno had to do a squat this low would he be able to stand back up!?

YHC liked this, so we rinsed and repeated it

Then we did 20 dips on a bucket
Put them back.  Grab the gravel bags – probably 50-60#?
Put on back, wall sit – hands off knees, and do not rest bag against wall
60 seconds
25 Calf raises with bag
15 Squats with bag

Getting close on time – Mosey back to start point!


Count-O-Rama – 6
Prayer requests for Cubbie’s grandmother
Prayer requests for Jill
Prayer requests for those affected by shutdown
Prayer requests unspoken

– I had a great time this morning men!  Strong work by everyone no matter what YHC threw at ya.  It’s a blast to be able to incorporate random things we find along the way and those inclines were a nice element.  Next time we will go to the top of the stairwell!!!
– I had visions of one of those buckets having the top fall off and someone being covered in paver, but thankfully, that did not happen

– Nothing much – just get on the Q sheet and come help our in NMB!


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