How many PAX can we fit under a picnic shelter….(it’s not 14, but we tried)

How many PAX can we fit under a picnic shelter….(it’s not 14, but we tried)

Workout Date:





Billboard, Weedeater, Flash, Franklin, Dabo, Cheesy Biscuit, Mater, Progresso, Esau, Papa Smurf (Respect), Flossy, Say What?, Sandman, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Warm!!!  65 but SO wet and rainy

YHC was super excited to get down to #Blackbeard and see the men there!  It had been around 6 or 7 weeks since my last trip and that seems like forever when you don’t get to see certain Brothers.  I keep up with the tweets, and sporadic backblasts (Keep getting better at that guys!), but nothing like being out in the gloom with them.  And today was certainly the gloom.  RAIN or shine and there was RAIN!

I tweeted and texted and slack messaged everyone down there I had a Twitter handle or phone # for.  Only 1 HC on Twitter.  And only one response text from long lost Springer that said he joined a gym with the M.  Let’s sum up my response here with a sad face.  But he promises to be back in the Spring.  Maybe it’s his name??  Anyhow, not sure how many would show…I was not disappointed in the numbers!

I got to the AO at 5:02 with the lights already on and our double respect (just shy of triple – which Mater is Q’ing a PAX-only trip to VEGAS!!) getting in his pre-run.  I bet he would like some company you #Blackbeard regulars!!!!  It started to drizzle.  With a baseball diamond workout planned, and the rain coming in, YHC decided to use the soccer fields since that red clay/dirt on the fields would never ever come off once wet.  Billboard had pulled up and so we walked off the field as it started to absolutely pour.  We set up the cones and went back to the car.  Not sure why.  We were gonna get wet anyhow, but let’s delay it.  Checked the radar.  Yep.  Bright green ALL morning!  O well.  Where’s that #Warthog parking deck when you need it!?

After a bit, we saw 2 men under the picnic shelter.  So we joined em.  4 guys.  We chatted.  Well, that # worked; YHC would modify and we would stay dry on the picnic tables.  Nope.  2 more came in.  Then another.  Now it was getting crowded.  2 more.  O well.  Too crowded to get any work done.  So the 1 minute warning was given and we went out to the normal starting point.  And it’s a good thing we did.  Men kept on rolling in.  14 by the end of it!!

We got wet.  We got dirty.  We got nasty.  We GOT BETTER!!!!!

Disclaimer given

SSH x 25 IC
IW x 20 IC
LBAC medium forward to stretch shoulders x 15 IC
LBAC medium backward to stretch shoulders x 15 IC
22 Merkins in single cadence #22Kills
While low, get on your 6, Flutters x 25 IC

We moseyed to the fields where the cones were.  The field was already wet and getting worse.  By the end of the workout, it was a complete mud pit

We started at “home” and here was the plan

Bear Crawl to 1st
10 Diamond Merkins

Lunge Walk to 2nd
10 Prisoner Squats

Crab Walk feet first to 3rd
10 Diamond CDD’s

Mosey/Sprint home
SSH’s AMRAP or Plank and when the 6 came in, we did 10 SSH’s IC

Rinse and repeat, but move to “normal” distance rather than the “close distance”
I.E., Merkins, Squats, and CDD’s
Also, alternate the bear crawls with crawl bears and the crab walks with feet first 1x, then hands 1st next
Say What? wanted to do reverse lunges.  Have at it!  YHC tends to fall over when doing those so not part of my weinke!
Same at “home”

Rinse and repeat, but this time move out to wide distance
Wide Arm Merkins, Sumo Squats, Wide Arm CDD’s
Same at home

A break from this, we Toy Soldier walked each base with 15 BBSU’s at each
Used this “rest time” for some announcements (as set forth below #LawyerTalk)

Then we rinsed and repeated the 1st 3 cycles, in reverse order – Wide, Regular, Close
Say What? and Sandman had to take off at this point – thanks for coming out men!!  Come back to #BeachBells too – we miss ya there!

Mosey to the picnic tables/playground – 12 was still too many so some of us would be getting wetter – If we really could at this point.  YHC was completely soaked through.

2 rounds of:
10 Burpees
20 Derkins
30 Dips
40 Flutters (2-count)
Do Flutters AMRAP on the 6

Mosey back to start – the rain stopped for a minute or two here
Had about 90 seconds left
10 Burpees
15 Merkins
20 BBSUs

Push hard all the way through til the end!


Count-O-Rama – 14
Prayer requests for Papa Smurf, loss of his dear friend last week; the families affected
Prayer requests for Turn and Cough and family – loss of his Brother-in-law after a long battle with cancer
Prayer requests unspoken

– What a great time in the lousy weather!  Strong work.  Very strong
– Thanks to everyone who chose the harder thing and posted in the rain
– Strong words by Papa Smurf!!  Take them to heart!
– Interesting debate about the effect of rainy weather on sickness.  Billboard said rain made you sick.  Weedeater said it was germs.  Billboard said the germs come alive in the rain.  I think both men should do a powerpoint presentation for the PAX to state their respective sides
– After congratulating the men on doing an amazing job at filling the Q sheet and getting a great variety of Q’s, Mater said, “Not good enough – you got on it”  Which I took as a compliment for this very hard beatdown!!!  But note, I do have complete overriding google doc authority!!!  So if it’s filled, I may still sneak on there!!!  #NantanPrivileges
– The men at Blackbeard are strong and post regularly.  It’s awesome to see them all!  They have some new blood and Dabo started last week keeps on coming strong!!  Good to meet some of the men I haven’t met before.  Keep on doing it men!

– Be sure to check out our regional website.  All local information is on that!  The events page is getting filled up!!!  Check it out.  Try to attend CSAUPS, 2ndF events, convergences, etc!!!  So much more than a workout group!!
– Since #Blackbeard is a T/Th/Fri bootcamp option.  Come check out #WaveRucker ruck workout on Wednesdays at Market Commons.  Cheesy is coming tomorrow!!  Get in a #clowncar and check it out
– Fridays there is a kettlebell workout at Market Commons if you want a change from a bootcamp
– Here is the link to The Darby Challenge that Franklin talked about.  Sign up!!!
– Here is the Swamp Fox Adventure Race Cheesy and Billboard mentioned.  Do a CSAUP.  Unbelievable stories and memories!!!


Until the next time

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