Workout Date:





Goldberg, Gnarly Goat, El Red Cardo, Beefsteak, Cheesesteak, Red Coat, Crankbait, Backdraft, Skidmark, Mudslide, Beaker, High Interest, Boxcar,

The Thang:

515AM… YHC turns on Queen, We Will Rock You… and plants the F3 Shovel Flag!

Today’s HYPETASTIC playlist included… Queen, Five Finger Deathpunch, Motley Crue, Pearl Jam, ACDC, Billy Idol and many other ULTIMATE tunes!

520AM… PAX begin to roll in, one by one…

529AM…. Welcome and Disclaimer given as two more PAX whip in Fast and Furious style.

530AM… The Ultimate Beatdown begins with Turbo SSH… 45 IC

Mosey to parking lot in front of church.

Each PAX planks, in a line, shoulder to shoulder, while the PAX at the end bear crawls to the front and planks. Rinsed and repeated probably five times, snake style, until we made it to to the cute little island at the church entrance. YHC could already hear the mumbles…


We circle up and do Turbo Quick Feet while each PAX one at a time pushed 25lb weight across parking lot and back. We speedy feetied and dropped down and did Merkins until each PAX had pushed the weight. Probably a total of 5min. YHC began to question his own Qing decisions.


YHC asked, “who hates running?” High Interest answered… ME! So seeing as we had an odd number of PAX, 13, one man would need to go to the other end of the parking lot and do BBS while the rest of us split into two groups and did an Olympic Style Relay. Each PAX would sprint to High Interest, tap his hand and sprint back. 6 PAX total per team, Losing team did 10 Merkins, winning team did 5. It came down to the two “anchors”… The race was tight… And then Beaker and YHC took off! And that was it. The long legged Giraffe smoked me. Sorry team Warrior… We’ll get them next time.


Each PAX planked in line around the island, while the last man jumped each PAX legs and planked again. Snake style… Rinse and Repeat until we made it all the way around the island. It was at this moment that I realized… not only do some of these guys seem to hate me, but I may have out Q’d my abilities. Hahaha!


By this time, we had about 15min left, so we did modified 21s across the parking lot. Merkins and BBS… and then comes the modified part… we pushed the 25lb weight, one at a time, and went back and forth down the line throughout the 21 session. It was ULTIMATE!


I decided we needed to head back toward the flag… BUT NOT BEFORE I gave the guys a taste of the UNDERQUAKER! A workout patented by Quaker himself. We lined up, and each PAX chose an exercise one at a time. It started with 2 burpees and accelerated upward until we were at 12 Merkins with 6 other exercises in between… SSH, Mountain Climbers, CDD to name a few. It sucked. But I knew the guys would appreciate it. Ex… 2 Burgess, 4 SSH, 6 mountain climbers etc… all the way up to 12 Merkins. And we ran after each new exercise was called.

NEXT… High Interest called a few exercises while YHC ran and grabbed cellular device.

NEXT… YHC thanked all PAX for allowing me to lead, and explained what F3 meant to me. Announcements were made… F3 Anniversary at Warthog Saturday,  F3 family beach day next weekend, Iron Flag Spreadsheets now available.

Prayer requests… pray for Mudslide as he begins remodeling houses for the less fortunate. And please all PAX, keep SuperDave of #TheRepublic and his daughter in your prayers, as she continues to battle major migraines.

YHC prayed us out!

It was an honor to lead guys! Thanks, and I’ll see you all soon! Stay ULTIMATE!


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