I Think I Heard a Tree Knock – #SasquatchTraining

I Think I Heard a Tree Knock – #SasquatchTraining

Workout Date:





Brown Bag, Beefsteak, Humpback, ER Sizzle, Hamburglar, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: 60s, dry, low humidity . . . perfect

Everyone was excited for Hot Tub’s Q this morning, but, he was unfortunately under the weather and needed YHC to pinch hit. No problem, YHC had a beatdown up his sleeve and it would dovetail nicely into our ongoing Sasquatch Training. As the Pax arrived, YHC sized them out & asked if everyone was ok to run. Everyone nodded ‘yes’ . . .Humpback stated he was go for 2-3 miles, 1-2 miles, and finally 1/2 to 1 mile. No matter the distance he & the rest of the Pax were ready. With that confirmation, we circled up for day 2 of Sasquatch Training (Sunday we trained by running the Bridge for 3 out of 4 miles). Let the training begin!

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15 – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 20 Hairy Rockets IC (I know what you’re thinking. . .but it makes me smile saying it this way)

Mosey to the Cross.

20 Jump Squats as Van Halen’s “Jump!” plays from YHC’s ‘Running Belt’

Mosey out of CFCC and turn left on to the run path that parallels Carolina Forest Blvd. The Mosey quickly turned into a run as we ran to the entrance of Avalon.

At the corner, we circled up for 15 Windmills IC

As we entered Avalon, we Indian Ran down Stoney Falls Blvd until we reached Cooper Creek Court.

At the intersection of Cooper Creek & Stoney Falls, Pax were instructed to free run to Seneca Ridge Drive. At Seneca Ridge we turned left into the Club House Parking Lot and circled up for 15 TTT IC.

Pax then lined up shoulder to shoulder for sprints

3-2-1 – Sprint 100% for 50 yrds. . .we circled up for 15 Windmills IC

Then we  mosey’d in to the playground area and under the well lit pavilion, which was “brighter than The Plank!!”

Step-ups & Pull-ups: As all Pax did Step-ups on the PicNic tables, 1 Pax would peel off and run to the playground for 5 perfect form Pull-ups. When Pax #1 returned to the tables, Pax #2 peeled off for his 5 Pull-ups . . . etc., etc until each Pax had 2 turns at the Pull-up station.

Derkins & Pull-ups . . .same concept as above but only one round

After a quick 10 count, we mosey’d back to the parking lot  . . . line up . . . 3-2-1 Sprint 100% for 50yrs.

Free Run down Stoney Falls Blvd heading back towards Carolina Forest Blvd. At Silver Crest Drive we circled up for 15 Tempo Squats.

Indian Run back to the Entrance of Avalon.

At the entrance, we circled up for 10 Burpees OYO with extra credit for grunts in honor of Hot Tub.

After our Burpees we ran back to CFCC, into the entrance and lined up at the Cross.

50 Rocky Balboas (count only the right leg)

Still had almost 20 minutes left (How could that be??)

Mosey to the Large Parking Lot & line up shoulder to shoulder.

3-2-1 Sprint 100% to the fence

20 Flutter Kicks IC

3-2-1- Sprint 100 % back to the lake

20 Merkins IC

3-2-1 – Sprint 100% back to the fence

3-2-1- Sprint 100 % back to the lake

20 Hello Dollies IC

20 Lunges (count each leg) OYO

3-2-1 – Sprint 100% back to the fence

20 Boxcutters IC

Mosey to back parking lot and line up

3-2-1 – Sprint to 1st Lamp Post

Line up

3-2-1 – Sprint to 2st Lamp Post

Line up on west side of Shovel Flag Parking Lot

3-2-1 – Sprint to the Shovel Flag

5 minutes of Stretching led by Beefsteak

1 Burpee OYO- just because

6:00 – Time Called

Count-o-Rama = 6


Announcements: Spartan Race – 6/27/2021 (Still time to sign up)(Check Slack for Details); Freed to Bleed – July (sign up & tag your AO); Sasquatch CSAUP – July 31 (HC now – we need a firm head count for the AirBNB)(Check Slack for Details)

Prayers: Christy Power & her family following the passing of her mother; prayers unspoken

Praise: Hamburlar’s VRBO had 5 Star Rating by its first vacationers; YHC’s son, Max, for becoming the Valedictorian of Carolina Forest High School




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