In Lieu of a BB, here’s today’s BB

In Lieu of a BB, here’s today’s BB

Workout Date:





Bling, OneCall, Hoser, Peterbilt, Flop, Geno, Lombardi, Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:


A cool 48° with clean air after last night’s storms

After deciding to Q today’s WaveRucker during yesterday’s preruck, YHC attempted to get some solid HC’s from the PAX.  OneCall and #CarpoolBuddy Bling were quick to HC along with HighInterest (missed you brother!), Flop, Hoser, and Lombardi.  YHC also requested PAX bring their sandbags, which was greeted with a “How many?” from OneCall #ThereAreStupidQuestions #AllOfThem.

Based on the final HC count, we’d have 6 PAX and 6 sandbags – perfect!  YHC knew that would be too easy though and quickly confirmed as such when Peterbilt was waiting in the lot at 0418.  Geno followed shortly after to make 8 along with the HC’s.

1 minute warning

Disclaimer Given



Ruck-up and head out.  3 mile loop down the path by the lake and around past the airport.  Modified slightly by heading left around the lake and then extending to the end of Forbus and back – just about 3.5 miles in 53 minutes.

Quick 5 minutes to hydrate, wave goodbye to Peterbilt, and take the extra plate out of the ruck … then the fun began.

With 7 PAX remaining, we grabbed 4 sandbags (60#, 50#, 46#, and 45#) and headed to the far side of Mt. Myrtle.  PAX partnered up and grabbed a bag.  Flop grabbed the 60#er and went solo (around, instead of over Mt. Myrtle) due to #BadKnees after hearing the plan:

P1 – Grab the sandbag and head up and over Mt. Myrtle.  On the far side perform 5 Thrusters, then back up and over to the start.

P2 – Perform AMRAP excercise until P1 returns

Hand off the sandbag to P2 and repeat

4 rounds were completed:

– Merkins

– Squats

– Overhead Ruck Hold

– Ruck Curls

Farmer carry ruck in one hand and sandbag with partner to the far side of the bridge

Circle up for some Mary:

– Flutter Kicks with ruck press (20 IC)

– American Hammer (20 IC)

– Plank

Farmer carry rucks and sandbags back to Mt. Myrtle for one last round

– Overhead Press


Count-O-Rama – 8
Prayer Requests: Femi – soccer friend of Flop’s 2.0 – recently diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy



– 2nd F lunch today at Dagwood’s

– Ultimate Frisbee this Saturday at Warthog for the workout (not in lieu of it)

– Bling is hosting a GRT prep 3/31 from 0300-0800 launching from Warthog.  He did this prior to the first event many of us did and it is AWESOME preparation – don’t miss it!  (This also, will be a workout, and no in lieu of one)

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