Inspector Gadget IPC2020 week 1

Inspector Gadget IPC2020 week 1

Workout Date:



Disconnect Iron pax work out


Headgear, Bubbles, Flash, Stewie, Huey, grease monkey, stoner, Gino,

The Thang:

Yea, 70 something, doesn’t matter when the humidity is like 100% feels like you are working out in a sauna.

I arrived at the parking lot to warm up and get my run in, and just to get a better feel of where we could do this Iron pax beatdown.

really felt like I tried to plan this whole thing out a little better than last weeks IPC.

Went over the work out while I was stretching, made sure I understood all that was coming and the proper form they wanted.
Bubbles showed up. This Captin America has already done the workout. The day before at the Oyster. T-Claps! You sir are a monster.
Bubbles still finished sometime in the sub 25-30 min range.
YHC was smoked this morning. Almost lost what ever water wasn’t seeping through my skin…

Headgear and Flash finished around the same time, 34-35 mins, I followed something at 36 even. Thank goodness I didn’t have to get that las min of burpees in…..

Lest see… 3 burpees for every min, 36 mins. 36×3 108…. sure. Plus to start it off super bad mid wife noises coming form YHC with the legs raises.. that hurt.
I guess I should just get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Any way at 6:10 we discussed a few things, grabbed what we needed a small disclaimer was given and we Moseyed over to the play ground, where at least the ground had some bounce, went over the proper form of each exercise, I set up the timers and off we went.


50 hand release-release merkins.
100 leg lifts.
150 jungle boy squats (2 spoon style)

200 BBSU ( ouch) my back was sunburnt

250 single leg forward lunges.

yea great Q , but can we leave the lunges out…. I can take my quads hurting all week…. but when my butt hurts I turn into a baby…. aside form all that. It’s great to see my own progress form the year before barley finishing last years workouts to finishing with the top guys at my AO.
thanks for the push guys.
cant wait to see next weeks.
Disconnect Out.


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