Into the Unknown

Into the Unknown

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The Thang:

Or are you someone out there
Who’s a little bit like me?
Who knows deep down
I’m not where I’m meant to be?

Where are you going?
Don’t leave me alone
How do I follow you
Into the unknown?

On the 30th, I posted to that I would be taking the Q and the typical call for Rucks and Sandbags was requested. The talk on Slack was silent, and by silent I mean there wasn’t any. A reminder post went out on the afternoon of the 1st, which got the same response as my first post.

Sure it would be easy to stay in bed, but what if that 1 person came out. So I was shocked to pull into the AO and through the fog there was 3 cars there before me, leaving me feel good about my decision to post. However those feelings were soon crushed when the occupants got out of those cars and none of them were F3 pax. O well, I’m here now anyway might as well get some work in.

As the lights came on and the fog that filled the stadium absorbed that wondrous glow of the LED lights, i was faced with my second challenge, how to get into a secured Doug Shaw stadium. With this being a city holiday all the gates were locked. Lucky for me Ashley Booth field, the red-headed step child, to Doug Shaw Stadium was left unlocked and open. After waiting a few more minutes incase anyone was late, I grabbed my ruck and sandbag a got to work.

Warm up lap around the field.


5 rounds

  • 10 seated sandbag press
  • 10 over the shoulder
  • 10 burpee sandbag hop overs
  • 10 walking lunges

Recovery lap around the field.


Minute stations for 5 sets

  • Sandbag lateral toss
  • Ruck Russian twists
  • Sandbag hang clean
  • Leg raises with ruck over head

With time left over rucked laps and did some streatching.

This time of year its common to reflect on the past. Lessons learned, battles fought and either won or lost. Its also a time for hope for the new year. A chance to either pick yourself up off the floor and get back at it, or a chance to keep working to keep the success.

“Success in not final. Failure is fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts” – Winston Churchill

There are sure to be a lot of unknowns this year. Whats going to happen with Russia and Ukraine, what North Korea and China going to do. On the homefront what’s the economy going to do, when and where is to be the next mass shooting going to happen. Political season is going to start amping up, what if this person wins or that person. As these thoughts run through my head I’m reminded of three things.

  1. There is a God
  2. I’m not him
  3. He’s got this!

All I have to do is have faith in him and walk bravely into the unknown.

I hope you all have that faith to take that walk, for you, and your families.