Is this much running necessary?

Is this much running necessary?

Workout Date:





Mud Slide, Run Off, Hoedown, Etch-A-Sketch, High Cotton, Isotope, Quaker, Magnum, Tag Team, Butterfly, Pod Cast, Bob the Builder, Grass Patch, Bondo, Jalopy(FNG), Bluegrass (QIC)

The Thang:

A week or so ago Hoedown and YHC had discussed that YHC would fill in whenever he needed me to on the Tuesday and Thursday Qs for Riviera so yesterday the need arose and YHC was happy to be able to step up. In an effort to continue to try and challenge myself in these workouts YHC tries to see how many reps and miles can be packed into a 45 minute slot. Many of the same workout routines are used but paired together in different variations to see which ones suck the most together. Today we may have found a winner! A PAX from the Charlotte area brought the Sharknado workout to Warthog this summer and it is one that I have continued to play with and try to find a decent pairing with. In a 45 minute workout there is no way for all PAX to complete Sharknado so this morning we attempted to get through 3 rounds but we came up a bit short. We completed two rounds of sharknado and then paused to go for one round of Red Barchetta (I am not as fancy as Sunshine, I didn’t have music with me). We then tried to complete an additional round of Sharknado but ran out of time. The combination of endurance in Sharknado and the high intensity and fast pace of Red Barchetta really smoked me and hopefully everyone else.
After a brief dip likely to School starting and summer ending, Riviera was back to the great numbers that it was seeing a month or so ago with 16 PAX including an FNG this morning! It was an honor and pleasure to lead the group and hopefully everyone is a little better today than they were yesterday.

Conditions: 70’s and dry
1 minute warning
disclaimer given

Warm Up
30-SSHs IC
20-Imperial Walkers IC
15-Hillbillies IC

Indian Run w/ 5 Merkins (2 rows as we had a large crowd and a short distance to go)

The THANG (Completed 2.5 rounds)
Sharknado (4 cones, =.2 miles)
a. 10 Burpees
b. 20 Merkins
c. 20 Big Boy Sit-ups
d. 20 Diamond Merkins
e. 20 Scorpion Dry Docks
Red Barchetta
f. 100 yards- 100 SSHs
g. 75- 75 mount. climbers
h. 50- 50 LBCs
i. 25- 25 Merkins
j. 10- 10 Burpees

Mosey back to AO with jail break 30 yards from AO.

15-Bicycle Crunches IC
15- American Hammers IC
15-Flutter kicks IC

*Manning launch coming up this weekend, meeting at Riviera to clown car to Manning AO. Wheels up at 4:20am. We need more people to join so we are showing our full support to the new AO. Location of this AO is at the Clarendon County Recreation Department at 3057 Raccoon Road, Manning, SC 29102.
*Runoff mentioned that True North is coming up in February and it is a great men’s retreat and opportunity for growth.
*New Grand Strand AO, The Village will be opening soon. See website for details.
*Quaker encouraged and challenged the group to get out and Q at some of the other AOs.
*Two year anniversary of Republic is coming up.

Prayer request were taken and YHC prayed for the group.

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