It takes a Village to Conquer the ULTIMATE book of Death!

It takes a Village to Conquer the ULTIMATE book of Death!

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Goldberg QIC, Buffett, BeefSteak, Rubber, Kitten, RockyTop, BrownBag, El RedCardo, BoxCar,

The Thang:

So, heres the deal. A few weeks back I found myself puzzled as to what to do at my next Q. I felt like I needed something fresh, something aggressive, something that would push the limits of even the most seasoned PAX.  Basically it needed to suck, and suck alot!!

So I decided I’d write a book. It would contain motivational quotes, my thoughts on how to become a better person, and most importantly… the exercises that have helped me go from not being able to run 100 yards, not being able to do 5 burpees, not being able to bearcrawl 20 feet etc… To becoming a NEW ME. A true F3 Warrior. Of course, this book is 100% my opinion… But I believe it sucks so bad, that if you do it frequently and the right way, you will get stronger, faster and just damn more ULTIMATE!

The book is simply, 20 chapters of PAIN. The first 15 suck, the last 5 (Ultimate Phase) suck even worse.


We circle up, Welcome and Disclaimer is given.

We begin with 50 turbo SSH in cadence.

Next, 20 TTT in cadence.


I break out the book of death. We circle up and I explain that we will do as many chapters as possible until we reach time. Each PAX will rotate reading the next chapters exercise and inspirational quote immediately following Completion of each exercise. (NO BREAKS)

I turn up some inspirational music (Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Chilly Peppers etc..) and we were off!

Chapter 1… Follow Q for a mosey.

Chapter 2… 25 burpees OYO

Chapter 3… 50 BigBoys OYO

Chapter 4… 25 Turkish Gettups OYO

Chapter 5… 50 Merkins OYO

Chapter 6… Follow Q for a mosey.

Chapter 7… 25 Hand Release Merkins OYO

Chapter 8… 25 Jump Squats OYO

Chapter 9… 25 Monkey Humpers OYO

Chapter 10… 25 Burpees OYO

Chapter 11… 50 Flutter Kicks In Cadence

Chapter 12… 25 SSH in cadence

Chapter 13… 25 Hand Release Burpees OYO

Chapter 14… Everyone planks while each PAX enters the center of the circle and does 5 correct burpees.

Chapter 15… Team Run Relay


Chapter 16… 10 Burpees OYO

Chapter 17… 25 yard bearcrawl.

Chapter 18… 20 Carolina DryDocks

Chapter 19… 5 ULTIMATE Warriors (BigBoySitup rolled into a burpee)

Chapter 20… 25 Mountain Climbers, one PAX at a time while others plank.

We finished at exactly 615AM! And great work was put in by all!

COT, NameORama…

Announcements… Halloween convergence at WartHog Saturday AM.

Prayers… Rubber and Buffet workplace and Kitten for a funeral for a 36 year old today.

QIC prayed us out.

Great work today #HIM of #TheVillage! Thanks for coming out, and I hope you each got better during my Q this morning. Until next time… Stay ULTIMATE!! SYITG!!


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