Jekyll Guest Q!!

Jekyll Guest Q!!

Workout Date:





Varsity, Timber (Camden), Jekyll (The Fort)

The Thang:

Was like any other morning on vacation.  Drank too much, went to bed too late and end up having an 8 year old mouse climb in the rack to sleep 3 wide in a double bed in an over rented room at the #HiltonMarriotWestin.  Ah, shorties… Cue the “good ole days” tunes.

I’ve been excited to post with the GS Pax ever since they formed and had the opportunity to run (in the back) with some fit fellas during the spring.  Knowing that I had to work for 4 hours this weekend pouring fermented grape juice, but that I was able to expense the entire long weekend and bring the Ms and 2.0s(shhhhhhh…..) meant I had an opportunity to post to a bootcamp and quite possibly lead it.  Sent a DM to @grandstrand and in 1.5 seconds, they had me on the Q list at the OG AO: Warthog.  The stage was set.

Very excited and needing to do some AO recon (bc I’d never seen the joint), coupled with the fact that I am now conditioned to get up at 0430 and middle age has me peeing twice before that, I was out the door by 0530 and got to the AO by 6.  Interestingly enough- there were cars there, I thought for an early 0600 beat down, but the early bird goes somewhere else on a Saturday.  Sidenote- God had different plans for anyone during the 0500-0645 hrs.  It may have been dark outside but there was certainly a light show- enough to make me consider the safety of all pax and cancel.  But He had a different plan and definitely wanted 3 brothers to meet, sweat (not Meat Sweats) and form an unbreakable bond.

So to all the men that played it safe (and fartsacked)- you did the right thing but I know you were kicking yourself when the coast was clear and you didn’t have that dynamic start to the day that we all are thankful for.  We had a tough work out and made some great stories.

Weather- overcast ,damp, humid and hazy: probably the definition of Gloom

Wasn’t hard to count the numbers but holding protocol- I introduced myself, disclaimed and off we went.

  • Warmup
    • Several laps around the track with high knees, butt kickers, shuffles and lunges.
  • COP: SSH, Merkins, Squat, Moroccan Night Club, and a few others.

The Thang:

  • The Hill: Triple Nickel: 5 reps at bottom, 5 at top, 5 times
    • Bottom: Merkins, Starjumps
    • Bottom: Donkey Kicks; Top: Sumo Squat
  • The Bridge: Rotated in partners so everyone had turns. Rinse/Repeat 3x
    • P1 Wheelbarrow down
    • P2 Partner Carry Back
    • P3 LBC
  • Calf Raises
    • 40 reg
    • 30 out
    • 20 in
  • Parking Deck
    • Exercise at bottom of each ramp. Alternate backward and forward running up each ramp.  At top- go down stairs.  Rinse repeat x3
      • 3 merkin burpees x5
      • Carolina Dry Dock x5
      • LBC x10
    • Pearls on a string on way back- Staggered merkins and lunge walks
    • 6 Minutes of Mary: Hello Dolly, Rosalita, Boxcutters, Dying Cockroach, LBC

Naked Man Moleskin:

Short on numbers, big on talent today.  Timber and Varsity brought it.  It was great to be welcomed and to have such #HIM be part of the beatdown.  Timber stuck around for coffee and had the assist on a flyin’ EH on a fella.  Hopefully you’ll see him next Saturday.  In The Fort Region, we are discussing Leadership for the month of September.  We had an open discussion on what that means to us.  I brought four areas that are most impactful in good leadership to me:

  • Believe in yourself
  • Believe in your cause
  • Have others Believe in you
    • Show you are willing to serve (others)
    • Show you are willing to learn

We also discussed concetrica.  If you are not familiar, get familiar.  Freed to Lead and the F3 website are rescourses.  Look at your life as a target.  From bullseye going outward: M, 2.0s, Shieldlock, Blade, Mammon.  Be mindful when they are out of order- particularly putting Mammon (work) in the center!


Prayers- family and relationships with the M, Timber’s friend with back surgery and Varsity had good thoughts for Houston.


Thanks again for the opportunity and looking to see you next time!


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