JJ’s Dora

JJ’s Dora

Workout Date:



Judge Judy


Candy Cane, Laces, O’Douls, Pikachu, Crop Duster, Judge Judy (Q)

The Thang:

Conditions: Weather was clear with no wind and about 43 degrees.


I started with the Pledge of Allegiance, then disclaimer. Stated the mission of F3 and then asked the Pax the 5 core principles of F3,

Grabbing grass x 20 IC

Cross country skier x 20 IC

10 burpees OYO ( Was done because Pikachu was being a smart ass)

Downhill skier x 20 IC

Little babies x 15 IC

Lillte Babies in reverse x 15 IC

Good thing there were no FNGs today as there was much banter, talking and busting chops during the COP especially coming from Pikachu, surprise, surprise! A lot of talking and less working out the first 10 minutes. After the COP we got down to business!


We took a mosey to the baseball field bleachers and I went back to the basics and old school. Can’t go wrong with Dora so we partnered up and started with 325 step ups. One partner would do step ups while the other one run around the baseball field and would relieve the other partner doing the step ups until 325 step ups were completed. We then went to 250 push ups the same way. Lastly we did 300 squats. It as a lot of running and a lot of body weight exercises. In total we ran about 1.5 miles and a ton of body weight reps. After the squats we only had about 5 minutes so we moseyed back to the flag.


We had no time for any ab work so we went right to count-o-Roma and name-o-Roma. Announcements were Crop Duster VQ on 2/22, Catapult 3 year anniversary on 2/17 lead by Flop and Rousey, AOQ handoff for Catapult on 2/24 and ODouls birthday Q

Prayers- prayed for O’Douls family, Crop dusters wife, ailing mothers of all the Paxes out there and prayers for continued guidance, direction, wisdom, blessings and safety for all.

It was an honor to lead and a great workout!


See you in the gloom,

Judge Judy


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