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High Interest, Vitamin D, Podcast, Flyover and (Flyover's 2.0 aka Action Jackson)

The Thang:

2 SESSIONS: 6 – 7am and 8:30 – 9:30 am (2.0 friendly)

CONDITIONS: Warm and slightly humid from the light rain that fell in the early morning that drizzled again for the 8:30 session.

1st Session: PAX were ready to rumble having been already warmed up by YHC.  The format -given that we are working out at the same time as the normal #bombsquad beat-down- is that we warm up & COT together.  YHC was a little concerned that the ground might be too wet to do Judo NeWaza (ground work), but all PAX were excited and did not complain.  PAX learned 4 pins, 2 escapes and 1 submission off of one of the pins.  The PAX were quick learners and wanted more, but YHC wanted to keep it safe and opted for quality of technique.  YHC wanted to get one Q successfully in the books for this AO before we opened up the play book — more armbars, chokes and even an ankle lock are on the way.  YHC then wrapped up the session with a Judo style HIT circuit of 4 sets of 10 prisoner squats and 10 burpees.

JUDO MAXIM: Mutual Benefit.  As I am learning and applying technique as Tori, you as Uki are also learning to either counter or escape and vice versa when the roles are reversed.

STREET SELF DEFENSE MAXIM: Avoid 3Ss…stupid people, stupid places and stupid times.

2nd Session: Tclaps to Flyover as he & AJ braved the rain and allowed me to teach some Arnis (stick work).  AJ although shy at first became excited when I gave him an Escrima stick and said we were going to swing these around as hard as we can and beat on other sticks.  The Jedi in him came out.  We all worked 5 lines of attack with stick plus 4 self-defenses including a nifty “snake strip” that dislodged the stick from the opponent.  YHC endeavored to explain that a simple stick can be a “force multiplier” in your self-defense tool box (as simple as a tire iron, broom stick or umbrella) without carrying the stigma that a side arm or edged weapon would in a court of law.  Bring your 2.0s to me and I will turn them into trained weapons of destruction…in a loving Christ like manner.

ARNIS MAXIM: YHC ended this session with the 2 PAX facing each other.  And using their stick… placed their stick over their chest saying “heart”, then by their head saying “mind”, and finally tapping sticks saying “spirit”.  #Respect.

It was a good first day for #JudeChop!  Honor to Q and all did great!  I had great instructors and hope you all will return!  In Christ. R


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