Judeechop – S3 – #2

Judeechop – S3 – #2

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Conditions: 70s with middle of July SC humidity.

Today the original plan was to turn the infinity gauntlet over for the morning to our veteran Brazilian Jiu-jitsu player (and AOQ of #BeachBells) all around nice guy – Hamburglar. Hamburglar was going to give the #Judeechop (JC) Pax an introductory lesson on the Guillotine Choke (aka Mae Hadke Jime in Judo) a high percentage sub that is in most toolboxes of grapplers. But, sick 2.0s and a job as a GM at a restaurant during tourist season will trump the best of intentions. We’ll put him back on Q in a few weeks.

So, this morning at the #Warthog (WH) AO, it was YHC now QIC and Headgear (WH AOQ). YHC had brought his trainer knife as a lead in to the next session of #JC, but it became the main subject (i.e. edged weapons and defenses) instead.

Quick disclaimer with extra emphasis on safety given, background with context of edged weapons explained and we then practiced the following:

  1. Basic 5-slash attack set. We did traditional grip and reverse blade in & out with YHC explaining each application.
  2. Introduction to edged weapon defense using the 4-step defense sequence.

Any type of weapon defense could easily be an all-day seminar, so the goal was “introductory” level of concepts, strategy, tactics and a few high percentage techniques.

With other Pax for the regular bootcamp rolling in (with YHC on Q for the big show) and our material covered for this morning’s session, QIC called time.

NMMS: Nice to work one-on-one with Headgear and take my time with this subject-matter. Just like with wrestling (Headgear’s specialty) and BJJ, weapon defense is a life-time of study…and dare to say that there is no one superior edged weapon defense system…it’s a crappy situation…you are going to get cut and bleed.

So, with those happy thoughts…honor to Q!



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