JudeeChop – The Return #2

JudeeChop – The Return #2

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Podcast, Peach, Vitamin D, Goofy Foot and High Interest (1st FQ)

The Thang:

Conditions: Cloudy, warm and the ground was damp from previous rainstorms.

#JudeeChop (JC) PAX participated in the initial COP warm up with the other PAX that were doing regular bootcamp.  Good morning and disclaimer given by the effervescent Sunshine/QIC.

Since the turf was wet and learning from last year that working in this environment (i.e. rolling and falling in the dirt) became a distraction (and there are other JC combatives that will keep us dry), YHC tweeted out the day prior we’d be boxing and working on a Philippino martial art called Arnis (primarily escrima stick work).  We had a newer PAX Goofy Foot today (FNG last Saturday at the 3-year WH convergence)…great to have you!

The crew did the following:

  1. Boxing basics: Jab, Cross, Hook, duck & Upper Cut and added a Slip.  YHC taught the slip and PAX worked it into the clock drill format.
  2. Escrima stick work: description of the stick (i.e. a force multiplier), 5 slashes/lines of attack, V-step,  and 2 counters.

YHC demonstrated a double stick “sinwale” and an empty hand defense against the stick.

JC PAX joined the other PAX for MARY and COT.

QIC’s intention is to basically rinse & repeat this #weinke next Saturday at #BombSquad.  Possible EC martial arts style cardio conditioning 5:30 – 5:50am.

Special 2.0 martial arts workout (9 y.o. and younger) next Saturday 8:30 – 9:15am.

Honor to Q!  Boxing techniques are looking sharper… it takes time!  Honor to Q!  Happy Fathers Day!


“By the time a man (a newer dad) realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong.” Wadsworth

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